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.    I’m sorry I havent posted lately.  An update made it difficult to write with my phone.  By the time that was corrected there was a tsunami of news comming in.  The narratives of the corprate media are all debunked.  You notice, noone talks about the “big lie” lately.   The democrats and their media minions are the big lie! 

.  Did it all happen the way it was supposed to?  I’m not a Q person, but it seems to me that things happened that needed to happen.   I don’t believe “trust the plan” or that the military is going to take over.  I do believe the free enterprise system adapts itself.   It is not good for a handfull of companies to control the digital universe.  Today we have an embarrassment of riches:  seekr,  duckduckgo, brave, gab, clouthub, telegram, frankspeech and truth social.  Wow!  This is a much healthier digital ecosystem.   ✅️ 

.  What are we doing?  Posting, talking,  discussing and changing nothing.  It seems like we are just howeling at the moon.   We all love our  “bogeymen”,  Soros,  Zuckerberg and fancy Nancy Pelosi, but far and away the most destructive force we face is dishonest media. 

.   It’s all about controling the narrative.   Noone, no matter how smart, can base a decision on information they don’t have.   If you control information, you literally control peoples minds.   People work hard, come home tired, and only hear what the corperate media tell them.  To their credit, most people know something is wrong, but they don’t know what.   I don’t know who’s pulling Joe Bidens strings, but “they” have spared no effort to censor and control the narrative.   Many of the “journalists” learned from the same progressive professors that “educated” the most extreme wing of the democratic party. 

.    The most important thing you can do, outside of your family, is to spread the information that the corperate media is trying to hide.   Get on as many platforms as you can handle, blog, post and trigger a liberal today.  Cockroaches fear the light.       🪳  🪳   🪳   🪳

.   A century ago, the Pseudo-Communist ProGressives began their assault on our republic.  America would never accept a whole sale transition to socialism.  Even in Russia, the bolshevics were never a clear majority, they formed a coalition.  The progressives needed to go slow, lest they waken the sheep.   They started with instatutions of learning.   The progressives proceeded with an insidious sequence of imperceptible changes.   O’bama was the worst, taking things to the limit without waking the masses.   Democrats still ador him.  Talk about a cult.

.    If the democrats did not unleash the Wuhan Flu on the world then they certainly tried to inhibit President Trumps response.   In fact the democrats tried to impeach Donald Trump.   Pseudo-Communist ProGressives were almost giddy as they publicly proclaimed the Wuhan Flu would open nations to their “great reset.”   Socialism is about power, and nothing else.  When the bolsheviks took over the means of production,  it was a disaster.  After a hundred years of slow, disiplined movement toward socialism, their people became uncontrolably drunk with power.  The sheep were waking.

.   What if the 2020 election was overturned?  What if SCOTUS  overturned a clearly illegal election?  What if states decertified their electors?  Was there enough time between the election and Joe Bidens inauguration to investigate the election.   Throughout Donald Trumps presidency there were allegations of  russian collusion and election fraud even though there was no evidence of that.  Many people still believe that fairy tale.  No matter how much evidence there was,  Trump would have been accused of stealing the election and the bolsheviks would have used that to their advantage.  After a hundred years of carefully measured moves, the bolsheviks overreached and exposed themselves.   Throughout the world, people resist these power hungry tyrants.  People who were luled by the thought of government provided everything realize the government provides nothing.   Even card carrying liberals are beginning to realize that things have gone too far.  Joe Biden may be a couple cards short of a full deck, but he knew what he was doing when he made his faustian deal with the bolsheviks.  

.   Don’t get me wrong, it will take time to clean up Bidens mess, but there is nothing irreversible.  They did not end the filibuster or pac the court.   The democrats will die the death of a thousand cuts. More and more facts will slowly leak out about Clintons schemes, Hunter Bidens lap-top and the stolen election of 2020.   The media tried to hide Joe Bidens calamitous decisions untill Afganastan.  They could not hide that.  

.   Hopefully republicans will take the congress in 2023, but there is only so much they can do, without a super majority.   One thing they can do is to begin to expose the corruption.   They need to expose the  criminal way that the stasi (DOJ, FBI) tried to cover up Clintons schemes, Hunter Bidens lap-top and the stolen election of 2020.   The disgraceful politicisation of every bureau in our nation has transformed us into a “banana republic.”

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. I hear how frustrated people are that there has been no leagle action in the face of evidence of fraud.  Unrealistic expectations disappointed all of us.  Add to that talk of gitmo and hanging made these cockroaches hunker down hard.  It would be nice if these people got the J6 treatment.  They didn’t know what would happen if the level of fraud was exposed.  I was afraid this would happen.  Nine months ago I said nothing would happen untill the liberals came aboard.

.   These vaccine mandates did the trick.  Finally the liberals get it.  The cockroaches have fewer and fewer places to hide.  It was never about the courts or the politicians, it’s about the people.   The people are turning away from our senile Manchurian dictator in droves.   Even the Republicans were caught off guard by the last elections red tsunami. 

.   What have we got?  The southern border, fentanyl and child sex trafficking.   People lost their jobs on the “Keystone Pipeline” and gas prices are skyrocketing, winter hasn’t hit yet.  The withdraw from Afghanistan was a disaster.  Our allies are not pleased.  The supply chain is broken.  Law enforcement has been politicized into some kind of new age East German Stasi, hunting Trump Supporters and concerned parents.  Biden promised to get rid of covid,… and people believed him..  Besides that, he’s a lousy president. 

.  So what about 2022?  By 2022 people, even Trump hating liberals, will most likely have had all they can take of the resident walking catastrophe.  I believe Durhams investigation  will bear more fruit.  The cost of heating our houses will hit people like a freight train.  In 2021 fentanyl was the number one killer.  In 2022 there will be ten times as much fentanyl on the streets.  Evidence of the cruelty of Bidens border policies will reach many people.  A much broader segment of the public will see proof of election shenanigans.  The mainstream media can only cover up so much.  The truth has no expiration date. 

.   Republicans can’t get over confident.  They need to clearly explain. 

1.  What they did in the past.

2. What the results were.

3.  What they plan to do in the future.

4.  Return basic freedoms.

Republicans are lousy at getting their message out. The worst is Trump, great president, lousy communicator.  Trumps record may speak for itself; but, we have to get the word out. 

. Breaking Exclusive: Election Fraud Investigators Blanket Wisconsin with Surprise Subpoenas.    Dec. 31, 2021 

Fear is the mind killer.   Resistance is not futile! 

 We the people must be the Storm. 

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info wars

Miss Information

They must silence you.  Open discourse and information they can not tolerate.  To impose a totalitarian system, the exchange of information must stop. Even the statues must be destroyed.  George Orwell knew this as did those who writ our nation into being. 

Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.” – Benjamin Franklin.  

Lenin was frustrated that his workers revolution never happened.  Even in the Russian revolution the bolsheviks never had a clear majority.  Lenin spent the rest of his life thinking about how he could impose his communism on people.  Stalins reign of terror was loosely based on Lenins schemes.  George Orwells  Nineteen Eighty-Four was loosely based on Stalins reign of terror as is Bidens Presidency.    

. It might seem self evident that we only know what we know.  The corollary is that if they control information,  they literally control your mind.  In order to control information,  the powers that should not be, tried to destroy Parler and Fox News, and they set up a fake “whistle blower” to encourage censorship.   Our distinguished  AG  Merick Garland intends to sick the stasi on those dangerous parents who have the nerve to question the school boards wisdom.   Such an effort to silence us.  Their greatest fear is people who post on Gab and Telegram  will begin to reach a broader audience.  I was hoping the recent dustup with Nicki Minaj  would help to wake up more people.   Niki Minaj  simply said she would decide for herself.  People  thinking for themselves can not be tolerated.  

.   You can not exaggerate the importance of maintaining open discourse.   The powers that should not be, do not want to be exposed.  The free exchange of ideas stimulate the advancement of matters both cultural and natural.   

.   Questions you can’t answer is science.  Answers you can’t question is ideology.  Progressives were never able to grasp the difference. The advancement of science and liberty both depend on open debate.  For this reason an unholy alliance between government and the denisons of the digital universe was greatly feared by many of us.  Breaching the separation between governance and information has ushered in an Orwellian nightmare.  Do not allow the voices of patriots to be silenced.   Funny how the powers that should not be, fear a young lady with a small channel on Telegram more than terrorists or economic collapse.  We are winning; but, not in the way you expect. 

.   Unreasonable expectations lead to frustration and disappointment.  They are not going to physically toss Joe Biden out of the White House.   States will resist decertifying their electors.  The courts have been cowardly. If you think the Maricopa County Board of Supervisers was tough, wait till we come up against the cradle of corruption,  Philadelphia. .  

. Many disgusted people post their  disappointment.  People are tired and frustrated.   I don’t want to hear it. We are posting from the comfort of our houses.  We are not standing up to the world’s greatest superpower, like they did in 1776.  We are not facing a hail of bullets like the “doe boys” landing on Omaha Beach.  We are not facing the otherworldly cold at the Chosin Reservior that caused hands and feet to fall off.  Our enemies fear truth the way men fear bullets.  They have spared no effort to bury the truth.  We can not let them bury the truth, so take a rest, exhale and get back in the battle!  The battle is just getting started.       

. What’s the point. Lies do not age well; but, the truth has no expiration date.    Bit by bit their narrative is coming apart at the seems.  They tried to bury the video from  the January 6 protests; but, a judge ruled against the corrupt DOJ aka stasi.  The looney left said claims of election fraud were “the big lie”.   Canvassing  and  examinations of the ballots yield more questions than answers in addition to the democrats assault on democrasy before the first ballot was cast.  Even the mainstream media could not hide the Afghanistan debacle, they did try. 

. Breaking

…”Hemorrhoids the size of a chicken egg now have a higher approval rating than Joe Biden.”  

. @Catturrd    

. Joe Bidens popularity is dropping at an astonishing rate.   Since  Joe Biden is a front man for some kind of evil cabal, as his popularity drops so does his credibility.   Democrat politicians, trying to save their bottoms are jumping ship.  CNN and MSNBC can’t buy viewers.  Around the world, people Chant “let’s go Brandon” (FJB).  The consequences of the fentanyl coming over the border  and skyrocketing home heating costs haven’t hit yet.  Thanks to Californias excessive regulations, the ships are backed up and we are getting coal with a side of nothing for Christmas.  

   Listen up.   God gave us Dominion over the earth, in other words…grow up.   The powers that should not be, will do nothing.  The cavalry is not going to come in the nick of time.  The only plan was the communists taking over higher learning.  The graduates of these universities now control corporations and Media.  They have been subjected to “soft indoctrination”.  If you called these people Communists, they would look at you funny; but, they have been schooled in that way.  All that’s left is you, a bunch of people posting on Telegram, Gab and Clouthub.  Truth seeps through the cracks in their wall of lies.  The powers that be, desperately cling to their crumbling narrative.  

. People, don’t quit.  Keep up the pressure.  Keep the information flowing.   Our enemies can not stand up to truth.  There is a reason they try so hard to silence us.   Seek the truth.  Post on Gab and Telegram and Clout Hub.  For God sake Vote!   

Fear is the mind killer.   Resistance is not futile!   

We the people must be the Storm. 

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Totalitarian criminals

. We need to review some of the achievements of our illustrious resident.  It seems to me that every time Joe Biden creates another catastrophe we all forget about the last three or four catastrophes he created.

 .    Joe Biden was not in office a day before he canceled the “Keystone pipeline”  as well as other petroleum related jobs.  The “Keystone pipeline” would have brought crude oil from Canada to the U.s.  Good for Canada, good for the U.S.  good for thousands of high payed american workers.  Does anyone ask about these people now?  Have you looked at gas prices?  Wait till people have to heat their house!  Of course we all forgot about the people who lost their jobs when Biden canceled the pipeline.

 .   A few hours after Joe Biden canceled the pipeline he broke the southern border.  Thousands of people flooded over the border.  Many of those people carry  diseases and all of them are indebted to the drug cartels.  Some of the children end up in the sex trade.   The catastrophe Joe Biden visited on the southern border took all the air out of the room for a while, punctuated by Joe Biden railing against any attempt to secure our elections and prevent a repeat of the 2020 election.   The 2020 election put a senile simpleton in the White House so why would anyone try to fix it?   Their SR1 bill will make voter fraud leagle.   If Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential race, as he alleges then surely nobody would object to examining the ballots. 

.   Joe Biden pushed the vaccines hard because he wanted to take credit for Trumps miracle.   These mRNA vaccines were created in an emergency for an emergency.  There have been some problems, I think the dosage is too high.  Forcing this vaccine on people who are in very little danger from covid is wrong on a number of fronts.  Covid is not smallpox or polio.  The mRNA vaccine only trains your system to respond to 1 protein.  Natural immunity trains your system to respond to all the covid proteins.   This forcing people to take these vaccines is as much about unlimited government power as  trying to take credit for Trumps Project Warp Speed.

 .    There are a couple of bills that haven’t gotten much press.  Sr1 and their new spending bill  are far more dangerous than any terrorist or even Asdley Babbitt.  Sr1 is a bill to protect the voting rights of noncitizens, dead people and people that don’t exist.  Dead people have been an important constituentcy for the democrats.  What terrifies me as much as anything is their new spending bill.   I’ve been here before.  I graduated in 1980 and hit the job market.  The 80s were a nightmare beyond your comprehension, double digit unimployment, hyperinflation and mass suicides.   They never talk about the mass suicides.  I am collateral damage from the last time the socialists tried to take over.   The socialists claim the government is going to give you this and the government is going to give you that.  It all sounds so nice that nobody asks, where does the government get all this wealth?  Perhaps even more significant, what happens when people stop trying to make a better mouse trap.   It’s all about trying to buy votes with the taxpayers money and importing Votes from south of the border.  They don’t care about anything but power.

.    Bidens Afghanistan calamity has everyone shaking their heads.  It is well known that getting into a war is easier than getting out of a war.  We knew Joe Biden was a buffoon even when he had his marbles; but, he has exceeded all expectations.  I feel for the families of the dead and injured.  I have heard from several people that it isn’t possible for anyone to be that incompetent.   Was Joe Biden following orders from his Chinese puppet masters?  Was he serving up a smorgasbord for the military industrial complex?   Any way you look at it,  we won’t survive another 3 years of Joe Biden.

.    Now we have political persecution and censorship.  You can blame Biden;  but the real criminals here are the mainstream media.  The blood is on their hands.  Media, both legacy and digital demonized Donald Trump and covered for Joe Biden.  These mindless media minions would not be happy till they got their feckless fool in the White House.   Free press or not,  this kind of election interference is a felony.  Everybody who was paying attention knew that Biden was not honest and  Biden was not in full possession of his faculties.

.      Every time Joe Biden creates another disaster we tend to forget all the other disasters that Biden visited upon us.  There is one thing we must not forget.  The future of democrasy depends on us focusing on the audits.  Do not get distracted by Bidens legacy of one catastrophic mess after another.  All eyes on the audits.  The democrats and RINOs are doing everything they can to stop the audits.   I got to call that idiot Jake (the snake) Corman.

.   In closing, I would like to leave you with a quote from our illustrious resident.

“So, the best way to get something done…if you…if you, uhh, hold something near and dear to you that you, uhh… that you like to be able…uhh…..anyway”          

Biden 3/25/2021     

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Resistance is not futile.

. Your tired, I know.  Sometimes it does seem futile.  Powerless Patriots battle this great reset.  These would be dictators drive a dozen nations into Tyranny.  The bolsheviks “brown shirts” Antifa and BLM burn loot and terrorize innocent people. 


.  Martial Law Has Arrived in Australia! Military Summoned to Occupy Parts of Sydney
Chief Health Officer Tells Aussies Not to Talk to Each Other  
.   Brutally repressive measures are Imposed on France.

VIDEO: French Police Patrol Coffee Shop To Enforce Vaccine Passports, COVID Tyranny.  

.   Protest against vaccine passports turns violent, gets smoked with tear gas

.   It should not have come as a shock to anyone that the FBI, DOJ, IRS, CIA and NSA were corrupted and politicized.  The fact is they all have a checkered past; but we needed to believe in our medical establishment.

. Anthony Fauci Admits He Is Playing Politics with Americans’ Health 

 .    BIDEN NIH DIRECTOR: ‘I Celebrate When I See Businesses Deciding That They’re Going To Mandate’ Vaccines For Employees 

.  The CDC is actually considering concentration camps!  

. Anyone who dared challenge the “New World Order” was in for a fight.

. Ron DeSantis Faces an Insurrection by Florida School Boards Over Their Mask Mandates. Will He Fold or Double Down?

 .   NEA uses $300 million budget to sue lone mom concerned about curriculum 

. YouTube Political Operatives Suspend Popular Conservative Australian SKY News Channel from Platform.

.   They even tried to silence Dr.  Rand  Paul:. 

. And so it begins:.    People all over er the world are resisting.

. Protesters Rage Across Europe As Lockdown, Vaccination Mandates Begin  

.  Global anti-vax protests rage on.  

.  Lockdown-weary Brits storm government-broadcast building over lockdown tyranny   

.    We Want our Freedom!” 237,000 Protest Vax Passports in 180 Cities in France!    

. What about the Americans?

.   Vaccine And Mask Coercion Is A Purge Of Republican Voters, And Republicans Are Letting It Happen  

.   Even the Americans are finally beginning to stand up to tyranny: 

.    Hundreds Protest Vaccination Mandates in Michigan 

.   Protests Erupt in Tennessee and Kentucky over Mask Mandates and Forced Vaccinations  

. So is any of this doing any good?  Are the tyrants backing off. 

.   Loudoun County Teacher Tearfully Resigns at School Board Meeting 

. Teacher resigned over CRT indoctrination.

 .   Doctor Thoroughly Demolishes CDC’s ‘Guidance’ in Presentation That Blows School Board Away   

.   Police in Switzerland have threatened to stop enforcing coronavirus measures if the restrictions become too unpopular with citizens   

.  American, Delta and Southwest Airlines won’t make workers get COVID vax 

. They act like the masks and vaccines have no downside.   That’s not true.  Every medicine ever made has a downside, that’s why many are “by prescription only”.  Demeaning people who ask reasonable questions about a new vaccine makes no sense.  Forcing children to wear masks all day is cruel and unhealthy.

.   So how much danger are kids and teachers in. 

 .     I have a vaccine passport and I often wear a mask.   This was never about masks or Vaccines or CRT.  What is really at stake here was best described by Ronald. Reagan: 

 .   Covid is nasty; but, it’s not polio or smallpox.  Nothing about this pandemic comes close to justifying the totalitarian measures that these global governments are imposing.  

.    What can we the people Do?


.   Things You Can Do To Help The United States Shake Wide Awake    

“Screw your freedoms” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

. “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. ”

-Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

. Covid might have killed less than 5 million people. In the last century:

Unbounded governance run by unaccountable fools killed more than 100 million people.

. Ashley Babbitt


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“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”  “You and I have the courage to say to our enemies, “There is a price we will not pay.” “There is a point beyond which they must not advance.” “We’ll preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we’ll sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness.”

-Ronald REAGAN .   

. And so today we have the “delta” varient.  Next month they will find another reason to continue draconian controls.  It will never stop because it was never about protecting people.  Everything they did was about power and control.  Corruption is a part of it, the very heart of it.  The “great reset” has begun.  The number of hospitalizations does not justify these measures..  

. They said two weeks to “flatten the curve”.  I was OK with that.   Even when they expanded it to a month, I was OK.  When it expanded to 3 months it was clear that this was about power and control not public health.

 .   Almost everything Donald Trump said was labeled “missinformation”.  Most of what Trump said turned out to be true.  We should have seen the writing on the wall then.  They say the solution to bad speach is more speach.  Seems  to me that most of the “miss information” came from Dr. Fauci and the mainstream media as well as their digital propagandists.  By the way, don’t you dare suggest that covid might have come from the Wuhan lab.  Progressives always invoke science; but, science can not exist without open discourse.   Truth can not break through the censorship without the help of concerned citizens. 

.   A wise man said we can’t let the cure be worse than the disease.  The bolsheviks had a vested interest in making sure the cure was worse than the disease.  Their “brown shirts” (Antifa & BLM) destroyed statuary and burned cities leaving an unmistakable message to the people and the courts.    

.   An October article in the New York Post revealed significant criminal activity by Hunter Biden and the Biden crime family.   The media, both digital and legacy, moved quickly to squash  the article which proved correct.  This was a blatant act of censorship and Propaganda.  AG Barr was complicit leaving no doubt that we were facing a war on freedom!

 .   Beyond this blatant censorship the Democratic party filed numerous law suits to force states into last minute unconstitutional changes to the voting laws.   The simple fact is, the 2020 election was delegitimized before the first ballot was cast.  The government, the courts and the media tried to silence Trumps claims of Election fraud,… they failed.  A third of democrats don’t believe the 2020 election was legitimate!  Those who Protested the 2020 election were treated exactly the way you would expect a totalitarian government to treat them.  President Trump was kicked off of all social media and was deplatformed.  Exactly what you would expect from a totalitarian government.  As far as I am concerned, if they think they won legitimately, then surely they have no issue with us seeing the ballots..

.  Covid had done for unscrupulous politicians what they had been trying to do with the “climate change” fraud.   Throughout the world, politicians drunk with power are extinguishing the light of freedom.   Throughout the world, people are fighting back.  In Austrailia, Britain, Canada, France and Italy people have had enough!  Enough shutdowns, enough mask Mandates, enough Vaccine passports.  There have been riots throughout the western world.  Australia has declared martial law.  In America, establishment politicians fight a futile battle against the inevitable audits.  Mad moma bears battle school boards against Marxist indoctrination and cruel mask mandates.  Their “great reset” will fail.  Freedom, it seems, is not as easy to extinguish as they thought.  We the people of these United States, Austrailia, Britain, Canada, France and Italy have had enough!.

   Never forget      

Ashley Babbitt

Martial Law Has Arrived in Australia! Military Summoned to Occupy Parts of Sydney

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The Media

. The singular thread throughout all of my posts was complicit and unaccountable media: CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, The Washington Post,  The New York Times, Facebook, Twitter and Google.  What happened?  What is wrong with these people?  The news was always left leaning; but, recently they have been deranged.  Trump derangement syndrome they call it.  The mainstream media has been so obsessed with destroying Donald J. Trump they could not think straight.  Along with Daszak, Collins, Fauci and the CCCP, the mainstream media is utterly complicit in the deaths of over 4 million people!

. The first impeachment started with a phone call to the Ukraine about Hunter Biden, Joe Bidens son.  There was nothing questionable about the call.  The thing is, why weren’t questions asked earlier.   It seems Hunter Biden went to China a basket case, and came back a millionaire,…hmmmmmm.

 .    What skills Hunter Biden brought to the table to be worth millions is a mystery.  This mystery did not entirely escape the Stasi (FBI / DOJ).  Nonetheless as political institutions they hid the facts even while Donald Trump was being impeached.

 .   The media was obsessed with destroying Donald Trump.   This impeachment was a dream come true for the media.  Meanwhile the only person paying any attention to a mysterious illness in Wuhan China was Donald Trump.  As far as the media was concerned the Wuhan Flu was a distraction.  The real issue here is that Donald Trump dared to look into the Biden crime family.  The Chinese Communist Party claimed the Wuhan Flu was not contagious.  The World Health Organization claimed the Wuhan Flu was not contagious.  Dr. Fauci said the Wuhan Flu was not contagious.  Donald J. Trump knew better, he did not trust the Chinese Comunist Party.  Trump tried to warn people.  Donald Trump and Mike Pence gathered the captains of pharma, fought off the FDA and executed the most remarkable program in the history of medicine, “Project Warp Speed”!  A television show from 40 years ago, Quincy ME, promoted the idea that under special circumstances, government should clear excessive bureaucracy to get a medicine to market sooner.  Trump knew this from construction being bogged down with bureaucracy. 

.   The media claimed Trump mishandled the pandemic even though history has shown Trump handled it better than anyone.   The media claimed Trump knew about the plague and did nothing  even though Trump engaged the greatest peacetime mobilization in history.   What were the democrats and their media minions doing?  They were totally focused on impeaching Donald Trump.   They ignored the Wuhan Flu and then accused Trump of not handling it, unbelievable.  Anyone who wondered if this disease could have come from the Wuhan lab was labeled a conspiracy nut and deplatformed!  And the media accused Trump of lying!  The incredible thing is how they implied Donald Trump was somehow responsible for the pandemic, does he look like a biologist?  Everyone sees the accusation, nobody sees the retraction!   These so called “journslists” believed their own bull!  It’s called an echo chamber. 

.   The media has been ultra liberal for a long time.  I suppose their claims of racism and white supremacy came from a riot in Charlottesville, Va. Some people did not want a confederate statue destroyed.  Just because someone does not want a confederate statue destroyed does not make him a white supremacist though I’m sure there were some.  The counter-protesters included BLM and Antifa, two violent marxist groups looking for trouble.   Anyway Trump is constantly misquoted.  When our irresponsible media people can not win an argument on the merits,  they label the other side “White Supremacists”. That claim has lost all meaning, like the boy who cried wolf.  As far as removing the statue, that’s straight out of the Orwellian / Marxist play book.  Change the language, rewrite history and remove the statuary so no-one asks uncomfortable questions.  Indoctrination works better if you remove cultural and historical points of reference. 

. The left-wing media minions had a complete meltdown when Donald Trump said his inaugural crowd was bigger than Obama. You have to remember estimate of the size of crowds during inauguration were made by Obama obsessed reporters.  Judging from the pictures I’ve seen, it looked like the crowds were similar in size. From that point forward, according to the media, Donald Trump was a lier. 

 .   The reason the media thought Trump was a lier is because the media claimed that Trump was a lier.  This was an echo chamber with circular logic fed by a deranged media.  It was very much like uncontrolled feedback in an electric circuit.  The feedback amplified itself getting stronger and stronger until Donald Trump told 20,000 lies and caused the hurricanes, wildfires and of course the plague!  People, this is crazy talk; but, the media totally got away with it.

. What’s next?  We got the Russian Collusion hoax, the Covington Hoax,  the Russian Bounty hoax and the impeachment hoax which happened when we should have been looking at Wuhan China. They claimed that Hunter Bidens laptop was “Russian Dis66,194information” that turned out to be American disinformation.  Don’t you dare suggest the pandemic could have come from the Wuhan Institute of Virology,  they will deplatform you!  There was a manufactured dust-up surrounding clearing Lafayette Square. What about Hydroxychloroquine?  You’ve heard Hydroxychloroquine was for Malairia; but what does it actually do?  Hydroxychloroquine reduces inflammation.  It’s the inflammation that kills you (pulmonary edema).   It never ends, infact:   

They said Trump was not being Spied on by Obama.
.           They lied!
They said Trump was the antichrist.
  .        They lied!
They said Trump was not legitimate.    
 .          They lied!
They said Trump and his followers were racist.
.           They lied!
They said the Russians were putting bounties on our soldiers..     
.        They lied!
They said there was evidence of Russian collusion.   
.          They lied!
They said Nick Sandmann (MAGA) flashed a white supremacy sign to Nathan Phillips. (Covington hoax)
.            They lied.
They said the Wuhan Flu was just a distraction from Trumps Impeachment.
.             They lied!
They said BLM & Antifa were “peaceful protesters”.
.              They lied!
They said the Hunter Biden story was Russian disinformation.     
.            They lied!
They said Trump could not “fast track” the vaccines.    
.           They lied!
They said the Wuhan Flu could not have come from the Wuhan lab. 
.             They lied.
They said Trump cleared out Lafayette Square for a photo.
.                They lied
They said Hydroxychloroquine was dangerous and ineffective.
.           They lied.
They said Trump made unethical calls to Georgia election officials.
.         They lied!
They said Trump incited an “armed insurection”.   
.         They lied!
They said officer Sicknick was hit with a fire extinguisher.
.         They lied!
They said QAnon was going to war against the capital.  
.          They lied!
They said the election was legitimate.

.       Does anyone see a pattern here?

Ashley Babbitt 


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. Whenever the news references Donald Trumps claims of voter fraud, they seem compelled to preface it with unsubstantiated or false.   People do not talk like that, …unless they are hiding something.   If someone tries to take a look “they” squeal like stuck pigs.  Who “they” are, who’s pulling the strings, I don’t know.  

.    In Orwells Nineteen Eighty-four, people wiped from history were called “unpersons“.  They tried to turn Donald Trump and anyone who worked with him into unpersons.  Some have even lost jobs.  Many of the peaceful protesters from January 6, 2021 are still in jail, being physically abused.  Their only crime that they put the fear of the lord into some unaccountable politicians.  Trump supporters have been declared public enemy 1, while there is a stalinist purge in the Military.  Our capital, the peoples house, is fenced and guarded like some petty dictatorship.  What are they afraid of,…the truth,…the people?

.    In the Georgia Audit, they aren’t allowed to look at the actual Ballots.  How can it be an Audit if they can’t look at the ballots?  If the election is honest, what’s the problem? 

.    Of all the things that make you wonder if maybe Trump was right, the most telling and incomprehensible is Arizona.  Before delving into the most convoluted battle for truth I’ve ever heard of, let me say two things:

1. Fraud or not, a thorough examination of American elections is long overdue.

2. If these elections are clean, then, why would there be a problem with audits?

.    Say what you will about the Constitution of these United States, nobody has come up with a better idea in almost 250 years!  Our constitution gives control of elections to the state legislatures.  You would think there would be no problem when the Arizona state legislature politely asked to take a look at the election in Maricopa County.  Maricopa County (Board of Supervisors) said no.   The legislature said the Trumpsters are demanding an Audit.  Maricopa County said no.  The legislature said come-on man, we just want to take a look. 

.    Things started getting a little contentious between the Arizona legislature and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.   The legislature presented  a subpoena to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.   Can you guess what the reply from Maricopa County was?    Maricopa County said no to the subpoena.    What would happen to me if I said no to a subpoena?    This is getting nuts!   From this point on there are more twists than a cork screw.   Maricopa County  BoS challenged the subpoena and lost.  They were caught shredding and burning Ballots, I don’t know what that was about.

.     The Arizona legislature began to turn up the heat.  The Maricopa County BoS insisted  that the ballots can not be audited where they are, in the Tabulation Center. Why not,…because!  This isn’t moving furniture, there are security and chain of custody issues.  Maricopa County BoS (Board of Supervisors) brought in the big guns.   They bring in Marc Elias’s firm Perkins Coie and a totally bogus nonpartisan nonprofit ultra left wing  Protect Democracy Project. Some people think they should sue that bogus left wing organization

.    Three law firms and almost a hundred lawyers sued the Arizona State Legislature, and they lost!  Our constitution gives control of elections to the state legislatures.  Lawsuits and nonsense have limited the audit and cost months.  Extraordinary resistance against an Audit that would surely silence the Trumpsters,…or not. 

.     The democrats media minions attack the proposed audit relentlessly while Google tries to prevent the audit from gathering volunteers.   Meanwhile the ultra left wing nonpartisan Protect Democracy Project  manages to engage Joe Bidens corrupt DOJ  in their war against the Maricopa County  audit!  I don’t think that’s constitutional.  What are they afraid of, more to the point, who are “they“. 

.     The Maricopa County BoS refused to turn over the routers.  Why would the Auditors want to see the routers?  They wanted to see what connections were made during the election.   It is known that some systems were connected to the web during the election.   Your Home router does not keep a log; but, some commercial routers do.  No router keeps information on anything but the connections it made.  The router routs information.   The modems in some Dominion machines work like your cell phone.  Those modems would not show up on the router logs.  That would make the Dominion Machines vulnerable to cell phones!

.    The auditors needed the administrative password to some of the machines.  The Maricopa County BoS said no.   Arizonas legislature was not in the mood.  They should be starting summer vacation.  It turns out that Maricopa County never had the passwords!  Not only did they use Dominion Voting machines; but, Dominion ran their election.  You can’t make this up, their election was run by people that swor not ever to let Donald Trump win an election!  OMG!

.    You might think it could not get any more crazy,…wrong. the crazy is just getting started.   Our courageous auditors tried to find the database referenced by the other machines.  That database was deleted, furthermore, it was deleted after it was subpoenaed.  That’s illegal.  Dominion says the Maricopa County BoS deleted the database.  Maricopa County BoS said Dominion did it.  We think of “who are they” as an almost rhetorical question; but, what happens to chain of custody?    Both Zuckerbucks and Soros were involved in something that goes far beyond a legitimate interest in democracy. Forensic analysis firm CyFIR’s think they can reconstitute the data base.   I think that is irrelevant, the fact that the database was deleted is all you have to know.   BTW, I mentioned the shredded ballots, seems the boxes are missing some ballots!

.   For three years the democrats and their stasi (DOJ & FBI) investigated Donald Trump claiming a rigged election without a shred of evidence.   You don’t dare question the 2020 election in spite of more irregularities than you can shake a stick at.  That is 100% bogus, if the election is legitimate nobody should have a problem with an Audit.  The Republicans have been so intimidated they will not speak up; but, seventy million people are speaking up. 

. “Democrats and the media have created an environment where no one is allowed to suggest that the 2020 election was illegitimate in any way. People have been suspended or even expelled from social media for saying it.”  

.    We have been warned about the dangers of machines and mail-in Ballots as far back as 2006.

. Put it together, not hard: – Hillary Clinton and other “top” D’s tell Biden under no circumstances concede.

– Mainstream Media at 11:00pm EST on Election night goes into blackout mode.

– TRUMP IS CRUSHING THE ENTIRE NIGHT until media is activated.

– The election machines begin tabulating votes for Biden.

– Machines cannot handle the vote count that Trump received. Media has their “uh oh” moment.

– Media has to play dumb for a week to every single American even though 80% know Trump has won.

– 3 days later they announce Biden elected after they had enough time to tabulate and CHANGE votes.

– Trump never concedes knowing he is the true elected President. (Still to this day has never conceded.)

– Deep State judges activated nationwide as they had been the previous 4 years denying Trump in court every chance.

– Supreme Court Chief Roberts staffer comes out and admits Roberts screaming “would never allow case to be heard”. Trump never had a chance in the court system.

– Jan 6 is set and staged to weaken Trumps position with election outcome even more. Patriots don’t take the bait but Antifa leaves trail.

– Fast forward to now, Maricopa county is underway.

– DATA in the machines have been deleted and evidence destroyed (FELONIES).

– Evidence is able to be recovered and Maricopa can change the fate of the history.

– Hillary firm and lawyers involved in the Maricopa standoff, same team who told Biden to never concede.

– Democrats spent 2.5 years investigating the 2016 election but don’t want to glance at the 2020 election.

– The 2020 election was robbed.

– President Trump will be back soon.

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Election 2020

. What can we say about the disputed election of 2020?  Never mind the fact that in a Georgia vote counting place the partisan observers were kicked out at 10:30 PM because a pipe broke at 8:00 AM that was actually a toilet that overflowed and was taken care of before the whole Circus started.  If you can follow that logic your smarter than me.  After they kicked out the partisan observers, a small group of people continued to count ballots,…which is totally illegal. Nothing to see here people. If you even question the 2020 election you are a white supremacist, nazi, conspiracy theorist, insurrectionist spreading disinformation. We would not dare suggest that there was anything wrong with the mechanics of the 2020-election; but, there was plenty wrong before the first ballot was cast.  

. The world is full of pretend democracies, one party systems that censor and manipulate information.  Voting alone does not make a democracy and brainwashing is voter fraud.  Throughout Donald Trumps tenure the so called “news” media pushed all anti Trump stories and silenced anything that contradicted their narrative.  I know people work and they can’t watch news all day; but I can.  In the beginning of the pandemic, President Donald Trump was out speaking to the people every day with vicious and dishonest  news people at his throat.  These so called “reporters” tried to blame Trump for the virus as if he was doing genetic experiments in the White House basement.  Trump recognized the danger before anyone and began his project “Warp Speed”.  Brainwashed people were lead to believe he knew about the “Wuhan flu” and did nothing, when Trump was doing more than anybody.  Trump was getting tired and haggard. One day he was talking about cleaning products to kill the virus, and he said wouldn’t it be nice if we could get something like that to kill the virus in us.  Boy the news had a ball with that.  The funny thing is before we had antibiotics we used “sulfa drugs” which act like internal Lysol.  The point being that you had to pay attention to know how dishonest the media was.

. Not only did the main stream media lie and demean President Trump, these media minions tried to squash the New York Posts article on Hunter Biden.  Some people in the FBI seem to think Hunter Biden may be “laundering” money to his father (the big guy).  Polls revealed that knowing this alone would have changed the outcome of the 2020 election. Joe Biden isn’t smart; but, he knows how to bury a money trail.   

. The other thing is that the democrats sued and pressured several swing states to illegally change the rules.  Let me say this again, blatantly illegal changes to the voting rules! The Constitution gives control of elections to the state Legislature, not the federal government, nor the secretary of state, nor the judiciary.  This is black and white with no shades of grey.  Normally for people that regularly use mail in Ballots there is between a 3% to 5% rejection rate.  In the 2020 election people who never used a mail in Ballot had a .3% rejection rate.  That was enough to change the 2020 election.

. Literally before the first ballot was cast, the bolsheviks (democrats) had declared war against the foundation of our nation, to win an election they could not win honestly.  The actions of the bolsheviks and their media minions are not in dispute.  Legacy media lied, digital media “froze” the account of the New York Post and swing states bypassed state Legislatures.   I’d never finish if I tried to go into detail; but, Project Veritas got a good insight to CNN.   Hours after they exposed CNN,  Twitter banned Project Veritas and Wikipedia published a dishonest smear against them.  Facebook censored a recent New York Post article about the BLM founder, dejavu all over again!  Even after the media has brainwashed people into putting the Manchurian Candidate in the White House, they just can’t stop propagandizing, censoring, lying.

While I would never question the legitimacy of the 2020 election, others have.  Mail-in ballots historical have only been a small part of the vote.  In 2020 mail-in ballots were a significant part of the vote.  President Carter, and every civilized nation on the planet said these  mail in Ballots are an open invitation to massive fraud.   Some people claim that that voter fraud is historically only a small percentage of votes, but:
1. I don’t know if I really believe that, nobody really knows.
2. There was much more mail-in voting than normal.
3. Most of these swing states were won by less than 1%.
A third of democrats don’t trust the results of the 2020 election! 

Naturally there were dozens of court cases.   The democrats implied these cases were thrown out on merit, which is very dishonest even for democrats.  Infact courts grabbed any excuse to dodge the election issues.  I think the courts were afraid of splitting the country in two, which is exactly what their inaction did.  The Supreme Court declined taking the election case on “standing”.  Anti Trumpsters like to say that his law suits did not mention fraud when they were mostly for discovery!

“In civil court, judges have shifted the evidentiary goalposts, indicating that they expect vast and overwhelming amounts of evidence on the front end to allow the Trump lawsuits to proceed. Yet, these courts have blocked Trump lawsuits from moving to the civil discovery phase where Trump lawyers could use powerful tools like subpoenas and depositions to uncover further evidence of fruad. ” 

. Many members of both the House (of representatives) and the Senate expressed their reservations, for the record as did some state legislatures. 

.     The democrats were equally as dishonest quoting Christopher Krebs, Cybersecurity, out of context.  Krebs said “this was the most secure election ever”.  Think, there is no way Krebs can vouch for the veracity of the information put into the voting machines.  During Congressional testimony,  Krebs explained that he meant the machines were secure and he could not  vouch for the veracity of the information. Two days after Krebs testified before congress, we discovered the largest breach in the history of hacking happened on Krebs watch.  Furthermore, Trump was not the first person to have questions about Dominion Voting machines.

. Though I would never question the results of the 2020 election, other people would,… allot of other people.  Infact a number of State legislatures just wanted to take a look. You would think, if the election was clean, there would be no problem with taking a look-see.   Wrong, both Maricopa County Arizona and Fulton County Georgia have fought a Forensic Audit tooth and nail for months.  Both counties have been caught trying to destroy Ballots, totally illegal.  These people frantically tried every trick in the book to run out the clock.  These crazy people even risked prison to prevent an audit that would have verified the 2020 election. What are they afraid of?   Why is Google running interference for Maricopa County?

. In Michigan, Secretary Of State Jocelyn Benson, made changes to the voting rules deemed illegal because she did not go through the state legislature like the constitution says. She also tried to cover up an Audit of those Dominion Voting machines, you know, the ones that Elizabeth Warren did not like.  There is a matter of “adjudication”.  We were told that the rejection rate was .3%.  Infact these Dominion machines rejected 68% of the ballots!  One number is to small the other is way too high and neither make any sense at all.  What happens to the rejected ballots, “adjudication”.  What are the protocols for “adjudication”.  There are no protocols or paper trail for “adjudication”!  There is no way of knowing why the original ballot was flagged, who handled it, who adjudicated it or what changes were made.  That’s in addition to the 6,000 votes we know we’re switched from Trump to Biden or the 66,000 unregistered ballots that came out of nowhere.  There is also modem hardware on the motherboards of the Dominion Machines, no way to isolate them. It was recommended that Michigan never use Dominion Machines.

. Michigan is not the only place that has an issue with Dominion Machines.  Don’t blame this on Trumplicans, NewHampshire wasn’t even on the radar.  The people of NewHampshire wanted to take a look-see, and, they did not like what they saw.  Paper and digital did not match.  There was a consistent inconsistency.  If you think that is a contradiction in terms, you’re right.  I understand you can’t count 150,000,000 votes without errors.  The thing is, why do all the errors favor the democrats?

. Not only has Michigan, Secretary Of State Jocelyn Benson, tried to bury the forensic audit of Dominion machines; but, she ignored a subpoena.  Do you think I could ignore a subpoena?   Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has actively tried to prevent a physical examination of the ballots.  If the Digital record is correct then even if some ballots are damaged there is no problem.  If the digital and paper don’t match then wouldn’t the secretary of state want to know?  There are over 300,000 ballots with no chain-of-custody documentation.  There are ballots that were counted after observers had been chased away; but  the worst is Maricopa County Arizona.  The legislature gets a subpoena, Maricopa County ignores the subpoena.  The legislature gets a stronger subpoena, Maricopa County ignores that.  The legislature threatens prison.  In comes Clinton’s legal minions and a 100% bogus political organization.  Finally Maricopa County backs down; but, they claim the subpoena does not say where to examine the ballots.  The ballots can not be examined where they are.  Obviously the Ballots must be examined where they aren’t! Why,…I don’t know.  Are there chain-of-custody issues,…yes!   This has been going on for months.  I have a headache.  Ahhhh!  Why can’t we look at the ballots?  On the eve of the awaited Audit, Maricopa  County files yet another law suit to prevent the audit!

. It doesn’t stop here.  There has been a big dust-up about Georgia’s rule prohibiting partisan people from handing out food and water to people in line.  In the first place, the law demands if there are long lines, the issue must be rectified before the next election. True nonpartisans can provide refreshments.  Most nonpartisan organizations turn out to be far-left democrats, like the one in Maricopa County Arizona trying to stop the audit.  Infact, in Nevada, one of these organizations bragged about bribing indigenous people on social media!  The nonpartisan people were wearing Biden Harris hats.

. Talking about partisan nonpartisans and digital demigods interfering with an election, take a look at Wisconsin.  At the heart of the Wisconsin election, they found something frightening, a Zuckerberg!  Infact city clerk of Green Bay, Kris Teske, was so disturbed by pressure from outside far left groups on the machinations of the election, she took a leave of absence.  Teske eventually resigned.  Wisconsin was not the only place they found a Zuckerberg engaged in activities that destroy confidence in our elections.  The democrats call Donald Trumps claims “unfounded”; but, when anyone wants to take a closer look they squeal like a stuck pig!

. We all know this was the most secure election in history.  You would think that the people responsible for the 2020 election would be anxious to prove the veracity of the results and quell the doubters.  People have fought any investigation beyond a cursory counting of ballots which may or may not be legitimate.  Fighting these investigations does not build confidence.  On the other hand, in straigh shooting western fashion Montana just came out and said there were “Whopping Irregularities“.

. Now we are left with Pennsylvania.  Changes made to the Pennsylvania Election were some of the most blatantly unconstitutional in 2020.  Trump went to the Supreme Court before the election, he had no standing because it was before the election.   When Trump went to the Supreme Court after the election, he had no standing because it was after the election.   When several states took this case to the Supreme Court, the case was rejected over the bitter dissent of 3 Justices.   Finally when the Pennsylvania GOP took the case before the Supreme Court, it was rejected because any one issue was not enough to turn the election.  The courts demanded some overarching grand plan when historically most fraud is committed by groups of people who’ve sacrificed their integrity to their ideology.  Pennsylvania did eliminate 21,000 dead people from their voter roles. Dead people have been an important constituentcy for the democrats; but, I could not figure out what their issues were.

. I’m certain there are good explanations for all of the irregularities.   I would like to hear some of these explanations,…cause I could use a good laugh.   The way democrats and some Republicans fought against any Audit tells us more than the audit! 

They said Trump was the antichrist.
  .        They lied!
They said Trump was not legitimate.    
 .          They lied!
They said Trump and his followers were racist.
.           They lied!

They said the Russians were putting bounties on our soldiers..     

. They lied!
They said there was evidence of Russian collusion.   
.          They lied!
They said the Hunter Biden story was Russian disinformation.     
.         They lied!
They said Trump could not “fast track” the vaccines.    
.         They lied!
They said Trump made unethical calls to Georgia election officials.
.         They lied!
They said Trump incited an “armed insurection”.   
.         They lied!
They said officer Sicknick was hit with a fire extinguisher.
.         They lied!
They said QAnon was going to war against the capital.  
.          They lied!
They said the election was legitimate.
.         Does anyone see a pattern here?


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. This page is not even the tip of the iceberg, that’s 10%.  The 2020 election keeps getting curiouser and curiouser. I can’t keep up with all the news.  Let us take time to pay homage to a patriot who served 18 years in the airforce only to be murdered by the nation she served!  

Ashley Babbitt


How do you cancel a person, place, thing, event or culture?    Why would you want to?   The answer is more nefarious than the act of canceling.   I keep coming back to George Orwells Nineteen Eighty Four.  Nineteen Eighty Four was influenced by Joe Stalin, one of the most brutal and repressive tyrants in history.   (The Chinese have him beat)  I don’t think we are headed towards the world George Orwell described so well over 70 years ago,… we are there!  Let us delve into the world of Winston Smith, a man whose job it was to cancel people or “unpersons“. 

 . “Winston Smith works in the Records Department of the “Ministry of Truth“, where his job is to rewrite historical documents so they match the constantly changing current party line. This involves revising newspaper articles and doctoring photographs—mostly to remove “unpersons”, people who have fallen afoul of the party. Because of his proximity to the mechanics of rewriting history, Winston Smith nurses doubts about the Party and its monopoly on truth”.

Deprogramming Trump supporters

.    ” Smith is forced to accept the assertion 2 + 2 = 5, a phrase which has entered the lexicon to represent obedience to ideology over rational truth or fact”.  (Wikipedia)

.     I didn’t copy the entire section, you might want to take a look.   Smith was betrayed by the “thought police” and severely tortured until his mind broke.  Today  we don’t torture people; but, what we do is nearly as bad.  People can loose their jobs, be deplatformed and be separated from society and banking.   This is done by a small group of people deciding what you can and can’t say.   They are self-appointed arbiters truth and morality very much like the “Ministry of Truth”, where Winston Smith worked. 

.     So, what’s the point?   2 + 2 = 5.    This is the master equation,  complete and utter submission to the prevailing dogma.   If you don’t submit bad things will happen.   People are self Censoring.   That means a small group of culture vultures all but defeated the most successful experiment in self governance in history, us. 

.    It’s more than submission, by the time the thought police were done with Winston Smith he actually believed he loved “big brother“.   I felt that big brother was never intended to be a real person.   I think George Orwell intended “big brother” to be an avatar for an unaccountable state, like Joe Biden.  Sometimes it’s hard to figure out who’s the puppet and who’s pulling the strings.   What would it take to replace reality and truth with propaganda and lies?

.     The people in Orwells last book were not stupid, they knew something was wrong.   Without a historical reference frame they could not say what.  Was the government lying before or are they lying now?    You would not dare let on that you were not convinced of whatever propaganda the powers that be were pushing  at the moment.  

.    The problem is that people might run across a reference to someone who has been canceled or demonized.  What if someone ran across a copy of the constitution?  If they really want:

.   Gun Control, Web Control, Mind Control  

then history itself must be canceled!  

.   That’s what Winston Smith did.   In addition it would be helpful if they renamed schools and military bases named after historic figures.  Statuary needs to be destroyed as it would be awkward if someone asked about the statue.  Now they can begin rewriting history, if they have the educational institutions.   The advantage critical race theory and that 1619 propaganda is that it puts us at each other’s throat.  All this may seem a bit far afield. While some cancels may be random, many fit into the plot of Orwells Nineteen Eighty Four to well.

.    In East Germany, during the Soviet era, you could cancel someone by dropping a hint to the ubiquitous Stasi (secret police).   Even if the victim was deemed innocent, his or her life would be messed up.  So in the time of the great plague which the bolsheviks used to eviscerate those freedoms paid for by the blood of patriots over 250 years, their so-called “cancel culture” began to feed on it’s own. Some cancels were strategic like Gina Carano, who would not submit to their dogma.   Other cancels come from some personal issues like Teen Vogue editor-in-chief Alexi McCammond.  Such madness is inevitable in a culture which seeks to silence dissent. This is how it was in Soviet East Germany, this is how it is now.   It’s just a matter of time before you are canceled!

.    We can agree to disagree with liberals as long as we all agree that silencing free speech  is a really bad idea.

.    If you don’t think the democratic party has become exactly what George Orwell described, look at how they hunted Trump supporters, only to be slapped down hard by judge after judge!   FBI, DOJ and CIA have been turned into the East German Stasi.   The powers that be are trying to cancel 75 million people.   Think about that.  You think I’m exaggerating?     Anyone who doesn’t fall inline with progressive propaganda is a deplorable far right wing white supremacist, natzi, follower of QANON bent on armed insurection.  These people are a threat to democracy and the nation because they don’t believe in a socialist philosophy that was totally discredited forty years ago.   Give me a break!

.     It’s not just people that get canceled.   They will try to destroy any website that hosts Trump supporters or conservatives.   Not just President Trump; but thousands of his supporters were banned from Twitter and Facebook.  These people flooded into Gab and Parler, both of which are under constant attack.  Amazon, which openly supports “kiddy porn” among other disgusting things, deplatformed Parler.   Gab and Parler have both been denied financial services.  Both are under constant attack from hackers while the Stasi (FBI) hunts Trump supporters only to be “bitch slapped” by judge after judge.  They called it an insurrection, I saw the whole thing, it was barely a riot.  The capital is still there.   It always helps to demonize people before they are canceled!  

.    Even the language itself must be changed.   George Orwell had a bunch whacky words intended to eliminate any frame of reference.   Diseases are often named for the place they were first noted.   Covid-19 was originally noted in the Chinese mega-city of Wuhan, so some people called it the “Wuhan Flu” or China Virus.  There is nothing unusual or racist about that.  The list of diseases named for where they were first noted is very long.   You can say the “UK varient” or the “South African varient”; but, you can’t  say “Wuhan Flu” or “China Virus”.  A century ago there was something called the “Spanish Flu”.  The reason this disease was first noted in Spain was because of censorship not science.  References to this disease were canceled.   Politics trumped science.   It’s not about canceling people, truth has been canceled!

.   It’s terrifying that by censoring information, people, history, facts and truth itself can be canceled!   We have torn down historical statues,  renamed schools and military bases and rewrote history with that 1619 crap. How will the next generation know anything, unless they here it from someone who remembers?   Anyone who doesn’t parrot the state dogma must be canceled!  

.     The so-called “cancel culture” fits into a nefarious game plan precisely as described by George Orwell.   Orwell called the canceled “un-persons”.  Every tyrant needs a “Ministry of Truth”  and “thought police“.   The democrats and their media minions are trying to establish both of those.  Our memories may be all that’s left of a free nation. 

.    The most famous person to be canceled was President Donald Trump.   Think about it.   Trump was a billionaire with nearly unlimited resources.  If they can do that to him what chance do we have.  They went to extraordinary measures to cancel Donald Trump.  They lied about Trump and labeled everything he said as disinformation while covering for the Manchurian Candidate, Joe Biden.  Even after they won their insurection they still impeached him so he could not run for president.  What are they afraid of?  Who are they? Are they the people we see or the people we don’t see?  I don’t know; and it really does not matter.   We can not let our constitution be canceled

1. Education has become indoctrination.

2. Media serves the masters, not the truth.

3. Statuary destroyed, schools renamed and history canceled!

4. The “Ministry of Truth” and “Thought Police” are pending.

5. Anyone who challenges the official line, will be canceled!

.     It’s important to follow the links.  The links are the meat of it.  The blog itself is the matrix that holds things in context.   By itself “cancel culture” just seems like more “left wing lunacy”;  but,  in context it is a frightening change, worthy of the greatest mass murderers in history.  It’s taken a long time to write this post because I have been overwhelmed by a tsunami of material, more than I can include here.

.   For the dignity of humanity and the future of democrasy the democratic party must be put out of business.  AmazonAppleFacebook, Google and Twitter get lost!   Coke and MLB get lost.

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There are alternatives!    Rumors of Donald Trumps cancelation are greatly exaggerated!