What It Is

I understand, you work hard, you’re tired when you get home, you want to eat something and relax.  The last thing you want is to find out “What It Is”.  Providing a factual description of what is happening to hard working people is the job of the news media.  So important the framers thought this as to have freedom of the press enshrined in the “Bill of Rights“.  

Legacy media has shifted from left leaning to blatant propagandists.  Let me make this clear, CNN lies and MSNBC was always far left propagandists!   Think!    CNN did not care how many old people Gov. Cuomo killed as long as they could use him against President Trump!   That is sick, and CNN is just as guilty as Gov. Cuomo.  The Digital Social Media censored the news about Hunter Bidens ties to China.    

  Their Manchurian Candidate, Joe Biden, has been in office for two months.  So….What It Is? 

      How much does $1,400 cost?   Do you think you are going to get money from the government?   Where is the government going to get the money from?   Oh…The government can print the money.  That’s called hyper-inflation.  I lived through hyper-inflation in the 70s and 80s, it is a nightmare!   The government does not pay people.   People pay taxes.   Whatever you buy, you pay the taxes of everybody that had anything to do with that item.   

     So, getting back to the original question… How much is that $1,400 going to cost you?    Do the math yourself.   They could give everyone man, woman and child $2,000 and not come anywhere close to 1.9 trillion dollars!   In a perfect world, the government could give you about 75 cents on the dollar, if they were completely honest.   That would mean that your $1,400 check would cost you $1,867.  The fact is that their “Covid” bill has more pork than a thousand hog farms.  For one thing, their bill has a bailout for cities like New York and San Francisco that made promises the taxpayer could not fulfill.  There is more garbage in this Bill than I can go into here.  The upshot of this is, after Biden takes care of his buddies your $1,400 check will cost you more than $10,000.   That’s grand theft on a colossal scale.  We might get a short boost; but, we will one way or another have to pay this off.   They say, when you’re in a hole, stop digging.   Slow Joe Biden plans another mad spending spree with your money!   

  OK, politicians stealing is nothing new.  Our democrat dominated government has been passing bills at an incredible pace.  These bills are six to eight hundred pages.  They try to pass bills in the middle of the night before people can find out what is in these bills.  Take for instance HR8-117 and HR1446-117 .  I have copies if you want to download them.  These bills will impose a level of gun control that would be acceptable to a totalitarian government.  For one thing the requirements of these bills would force the government to create a federal gun registry.  So, what’s wrong with that?  Think!  A federal gun registry is the first step toward confiscation of guns!   Confiscation of guns is the first step toward a totalitarian government.    

The Constitution of the United States of America is quite explicit as to why the framers felt the need to guaranty the right to keep and bear arms.  The framers felt that in order to preserve liberty: The people should not fear their government. The government should fear their people!  I can not say this enough.  This is the only way to ensure a government that recognizes limits.  As the framers put it:

THE Conventions of a number of the States, having at the time of their adopting the Constitution, expressed a desire, in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added: And as extending the ground of public confi dence in the Government, will best ensure the benefi cent ends of its institution.” 

   To prevent abuse of the federal government, the people need to keep their fire arms. 

    Could our government become totalitarian like communist China, Stalins Russia or Orwells Oceania?  That takes us to HR1-117.  The intent of this legislation is to establish one party rule, like in Russia.  Fancy Nancy Pelosi used the pandemic to push rules that every civilized nation on the planet said were an open invitation to massive voter fraud.  That is what incited the January 6, riot, not Donald Trump.  Loose voting rules for a national emergency are being made permanent.  These rules would allow anyone to vote including undocumented aliens.    

Donald Trump spared no effort to secure the southern border.  By late 2019 these efforts were paying off.  We were finally getting control of the southern border.  Controlling the southern border meant we could address the DACA issue.  You can’t address the DACA issue if there is a constant influx of more future DACA kids.      The first thing Joe Biden did after being sworn in was to eliminate border security.   Chaos reigned, and, the flood gates opened.   Thousands of people cross the  border every day.   Many die in the desert.  Others will be raped or forced into the sex business.  Those that make it will be cheap labor, and hold down American wages.  What’s in it for Joe Biden and the democrats?   They are importing millions of potential votes.  HR1-117 will give them the vote. There is  nothing humane about any of this, but, the drug cartels getting even more powerful than they already were.   

   Has anyone noticed the price of gass?  Biden has stopped exploration on federal land.   Most exploration and drilling happens on federal land.  Slow Joe also stopped the Keystone Pipeline.   This has cost thousands of high paying jobs.   We are no longer energy independent, a fact not lost o  the Russians and the Arabs.   

In a couple months the Biden administration and his Democrat colleagues have: 

Eliminated tens of thousands of high paying jobs. 

Eliminated energy independence.

Eliminated border security, and overwhelmed the border with thousands of immigrants, future votes.

Bolster the drug cartels and their human trafficking.

Institutionalized election fraud. 

Pulled off the biggest rip-off in the history of politics.

Trampled the constitution.

Institutionalized censorship.

Initiated the most restrictive gun legislation history. 

Joe Biden tried to take credit for the accomplishments of the Trump administration.   

That’s just the first two months. What’s in the future, that we know of?     A multi-trillion dollar “green agenda” (fraud).     

The biggest tax increase in history.   How did you think we were going to pay for this?  

For the dignity of humanity and the future of democrasy the democratic party must be put out of business.  Amazon,  Apple,  Facebook, Google and Twitter get lost!

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