How do you cancel a person, place, thing, event or culture?    Why would you want to?   The answer is more nefarious than the act of canceling.   I keep coming back to George Orwells Nineteen Eighty Four.  Nineteen Eighty Four was influenced by Joe Stalin, one of the most brutal and repressive tyrants in history.   (The Chinese have him beat)  I don’t think we are headed towards the world George Orwell described so well over 70 years ago,… we are there!  Let us delve into the world of Winston Smith, a man whose job it was to cancel people or “unpersons“. 

 . “Winston Smith works in the Records Department of the “Ministry of Truth“, where his job is to rewrite historical documents so they match the constantly changing current party line. This involves revising newspaper articles and doctoring photographs—mostly to remove “unpersons”, people who have fallen afoul of the party. Because of his proximity to the mechanics of rewriting history, Winston Smith nurses doubts about the Party and its monopoly on truth”.

Deprogramming Trump supporters

.    ” Smith is forced to accept the assertion 2 + 2 = 5, a phrase which has entered the lexicon to represent obedience to ideology over rational truth or fact”.  (Wikipedia)

.     I didn’t copy the entire section, you might want to take a look.   Smith was betrayed by the “thought police” and severely tortured until his mind broke.  Today  we don’t torture people; but, what we do is nearly as bad.  People can loose their jobs, be deplatformed and be separated from society and banking.   This is done by a small group of people deciding what you can and can’t say.   They are self-appointed arbiters truth and morality very much like the “Ministry of Truth”, where Winston Smith worked. 

.     So, what’s the point?   2 + 2 = 5.    This is the master equation,  complete and utter submission to the prevailing dogma.   If you don’t submit bad things will happen.   People are self Censoring.   That means a small group of culture vultures all but defeated the most successful experiment in self governance in history, us. 

.    It’s more than submission, by the time the thought police were done with Winston Smith he actually believed he loved “big brother“.   I felt that big brother was never intended to be a real person.   I think George Orwell intended “big brother” to be an avatar for an unaccountable state, like Joe Biden.  Sometimes it’s hard to figure out who’s the puppet and who’s pulling the strings.   What would it take to replace reality and truth with propaganda and lies?

.     The people in Orwells last book were not stupid, they knew something was wrong.   Without a historical reference frame they could not say what.  Was the government lying before or are they lying now?    You would not dare let on that you were not convinced of whatever propaganda the powers that be were pushing  at the moment.  

.    The problem is that people might run across a reference to someone who has been canceled or demonized.  What if someone ran across a copy of the constitution?  If they really want:

.   Gun Control, Web Control, Mind Control  

then history itself must be canceled!  

.   That’s what Winston Smith did.   In addition it would be helpful if they renamed schools and military bases named after historic figures.  Statuary needs to be destroyed as it would be awkward if someone asked about the statue.  Now they can begin rewriting history, if they have the educational institutions.   The advantage critical race theory and that 1619 propaganda is that it puts us at each other’s throat.  All this may seem a bit far afield. While some cancels may be random, many fit into the plot of Orwells Nineteen Eighty Four to well.

.    In East Germany, during the Soviet era, you could cancel someone by dropping a hint to the ubiquitous Stasi (secret police).   Even if the victim was deemed innocent, his or her life would be messed up.  So in the time of the great plague which the bolsheviks used to eviscerate those freedoms paid for by the blood of patriots over 250 years, their so-called “cancel culture” began to feed on it’s own. Some cancels were strategic like Gina Carano, who would not submit to their dogma.   Other cancels come from some personal issues like Teen Vogue editor-in-chief Alexi McCammond.  Such madness is inevitable in a culture which seeks to silence dissent. This is how it was in Soviet East Germany, this is how it is now.   It’s just a matter of time before you are canceled!

.    We can agree to disagree with liberals as long as we all agree that silencing free speech  is a really bad idea.

.    If you don’t think the democratic party has become exactly what George Orwell described, look at how they hunted Trump supporters, only to be slapped down hard by judge after judge!   FBI, DOJ and CIA have been turned into the East German Stasi.   The powers that be are trying to cancel 75 million people.   Think about that.  You think I’m exaggerating?     Anyone who doesn’t fall inline with progressive propaganda is a deplorable far right wing white supremacist, natzi, follower of QANON bent on armed insurection.  These people are a threat to democracy and the nation because they don’t believe in a socialist philosophy that was totally discredited forty years ago.   Give me a break!

.     It’s not just people that get canceled.   They will try to destroy any website that hosts Trump supporters or conservatives.   Not just President Trump; but thousands of his supporters were banned from Twitter and Facebook.  These people flooded into Gab and Parler, both of which are under constant attack.  Amazon, which openly supports “kiddy porn” among other disgusting things, deplatformed Parler.   Gab and Parler have both been denied financial services.  Both are under constant attack from hackers while the Stasi (FBI) hunts Trump supporters only to be “bitch slapped” by judge after judge.  They called it an insurrection, I saw the whole thing, it was barely a riot.  The capital is still there.   It always helps to demonize people before they are canceled!  

.    Even the language itself must be changed.   George Orwell had a bunch whacky words intended to eliminate any frame of reference.   Diseases are often named for the place they were first noted.   Covid-19 was originally noted in the Chinese mega-city of Wuhan, so some people called it the “Wuhan Flu” or China Virus.  There is nothing unusual or racist about that.  The list of diseases named for where they were first noted is very long.   You can say the “UK varient” or the “South African varient”; but, you can’t  say “Wuhan Flu” or “China Virus”.  A century ago there was something called the “Spanish Flu”.  The reason this disease was first noted in Spain was because of censorship not science.  References to this disease were canceled.   Politics trumped science.   It’s not about canceling people, truth has been canceled!

.   It’s terrifying that by censoring information, people, history, facts and truth itself can be canceled!   We have torn down historical statues,  renamed schools and military bases and rewrote history with that 1619 crap. How will the next generation know anything, unless they here it from someone who remembers?   Anyone who doesn’t parrot the state dogma must be canceled!  

.     The so-called “cancel culture” fits into a nefarious game plan precisely as described by George Orwell.   Orwell called the canceled “un-persons”.  Every tyrant needs a “Ministry of Truth”  and “thought police“.   The democrats and their media minions are trying to establish both of those.  Our memories may be all that’s left of a free nation. 

.    The most famous person to be canceled was President Donald Trump.   Think about it.   Trump was a billionaire with nearly unlimited resources.  If they can do that to him what chance do we have.  They went to extraordinary measures to cancel Donald Trump.  They lied about Trump and labeled everything he said as disinformation while covering for the Manchurian Candidate, Joe Biden.  Even after they won their insurection they still impeached him so he could not run for president.  What are they afraid of?  Who are they? Are they the people we see or the people we don’t see?  I don’t know; and it really does not matter.   We can not let our constitution be canceled

1. Education has become indoctrination.

2. Media serves the masters, not the truth.

3. Statuary destroyed, schools renamed and history canceled!

4. The “Ministry of Truth” and “Thought Police” are pending.

5. Anyone who challenges the official line, will be canceled!

.     It’s important to follow the links.  The links are the meat of it.  The blog itself is the matrix that holds things in context.   By itself “cancel culture” just seems like more “left wing lunacy”;  but,  in context it is a frightening change, worthy of the greatest mass murderers in history.  It’s taken a long time to write this post because I have been overwhelmed by a tsunami of material, more than I can include here.

.   For the dignity of humanity and the future of democrasy the democratic party must be put out of business.  AmazonAppleFacebook, Google and Twitter get lost!   Coke and MLB get lost.

Search engines:  

YAHOO           DuckDuckgo

Social media: 

Gab   Parler   CloutHub    


  MySpace    MyView    

There are alternatives!    Rumors of Donald Trumps cancelation are greatly exaggerated! 

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