Totalitarian criminals

. We need to review some of the achievements of our illustrious resident.  It seems to me that every time Joe Biden creates another catastrophe we all forget about the last three or four catastrophes he created.

 .    Joe Biden was not in office a day before he canceled the “Keystone pipeline”  as well as other petroleum related jobs.  The “Keystone pipeline” would have brought crude oil from Canada to the U.s.  Good for Canada, good for the U.S.  good for thousands of high payed american workers.  Does anyone ask about these people now?  Have you looked at gas prices?  Wait till people have to heat their house!  Of course we all forgot about the people who lost their jobs when Biden canceled the pipeline.

 .   A few hours after Joe Biden canceled the pipeline he broke the southern border.  Thousands of people flooded over the border.  Many of those people carry  diseases and all of them are indebted to the drug cartels.  Some of the children end up in the sex trade.   The catastrophe Joe Biden visited on the southern border took all the air out of the room for a while, punctuated by Joe Biden railing against any attempt to secure our elections and prevent a repeat of the 2020 election.   The 2020 election put a senile simpleton in the White House so why would anyone try to fix it?   Their SR1 bill will make voter fraud leagle.   If Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential race, as he alleges then surely nobody would object to examining the ballots. 

.   Joe Biden pushed the vaccines hard because he wanted to take credit for Trumps miracle.   These mRNA vaccines were created in an emergency for an emergency.  There have been some problems, I think the dosage is too high.  Forcing this vaccine on people who are in very little danger from covid is wrong on a number of fronts.  Covid is not smallpox or polio.  The mRNA vaccine only trains your system to respond to 1 protein.  Natural immunity trains your system to respond to all the covid proteins.   This forcing people to take these vaccines is as much about unlimited government power as  trying to take credit for Trumps Project Warp Speed.

 .    There are a couple of bills that haven’t gotten much press.  Sr1 and their new spending bill  are far more dangerous than any terrorist or even Asdley Babbitt.  Sr1 is a bill to protect the voting rights of noncitizens, dead people and people that don’t exist.  Dead people have been an important constituentcy for the democrats.  What terrifies me as much as anything is their new spending bill.   I’ve been here before.  I graduated in 1980 and hit the job market.  The 80s were a nightmare beyond your comprehension, double digit unimployment, hyperinflation and mass suicides.   They never talk about the mass suicides.  I am collateral damage from the last time the socialists tried to take over.   The socialists claim the government is going to give you this and the government is going to give you that.  It all sounds so nice that nobody asks, where does the government get all this wealth?  Perhaps even more significant, what happens when people stop trying to make a better mouse trap.   It’s all about trying to buy votes with the taxpayers money and importing Votes from south of the border.  They don’t care about anything but power.

.    Bidens Afghanistan calamity has everyone shaking their heads.  It is well known that getting into a war is easier than getting out of a war.  We knew Joe Biden was a buffoon even when he had his marbles; but, he has exceeded all expectations.  I feel for the families of the dead and injured.  I have heard from several people that it isn’t possible for anyone to be that incompetent.   Was Joe Biden following orders from his Chinese puppet masters?  Was he serving up a smorgasbord for the military industrial complex?   Any way you look at it,  we won’t survive another 3 years of Joe Biden.

.    Now we have political persecution and censorship.  You can blame Biden;  but the real criminals here are the mainstream media.  The blood is on their hands.  Media, both legacy and digital demonized Donald Trump and covered for Joe Biden.  These mindless media minions would not be happy till they got their feckless fool in the White House.   Free press or not,  this kind of election interference is a felony.  Everybody who was paying attention knew that Biden was not honest and  Biden was not in full possession of his faculties.

.      Every time Joe Biden creates another disaster we tend to forget all the other disasters that Biden visited upon us.  There is one thing we must not forget.  The future of democrasy depends on us focusing on the audits.  Do not get distracted by Bidens legacy of one catastrophic mess after another.  All eyes on the audits.  The democrats and RINOs are doing everything they can to stop the audits.   I got to call that idiot Jake (the snake) Corman.

.   In closing, I would like to leave you with a quote from our illustrious resident.

“So, the best way to get something done…if you…if you, uhh, hold something near and dear to you that you, uhh… that you like to be able…uhh…..anyway”          

Biden 3/25/2021     

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