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Miss Information

They must silence you.  Open discourse and information they can not tolerate.  To impose a totalitarian system, the exchange of information must stop. Even the statues must be destroyed.  George Orwell knew this as did those who writ our nation into being. 

Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.” – Benjamin Franklin.  

Lenin was frustrated that his workers revolution never happened.  Even in the Russian revolution the bolsheviks never had a clear majority.  Lenin spent the rest of his life thinking about how he could impose his communism on people.  Stalins reign of terror was loosely based on Lenins schemes.  George Orwells  Nineteen Eighty-Four was loosely based on Stalins reign of terror as is Bidens Presidency.    

. It might seem self evident that we only know what we know.  The corollary is that if they control information,  they literally control your mind.  In order to control information,  the powers that should not be, tried to destroy Parler and Fox News, and they set up a fake “whistle blower” to encourage censorship.   Our distinguished  AG  Merick Garland intends to sick the stasi on those dangerous parents who have the nerve to question the school boards wisdom.   Such an effort to silence us.  Their greatest fear is people who post on Gab and Telegram  will begin to reach a broader audience.  I was hoping the recent dustup with Nicki Minaj  would help to wake up more people.   Niki Minaj  simply said she would decide for herself.  People  thinking for themselves can not be tolerated.  

.   You can not exaggerate the importance of maintaining open discourse.   The powers that should not be, do not want to be exposed.  The free exchange of ideas stimulate the advancement of matters both cultural and natural.   

.   Questions you can’t answer is science.  Answers you can’t question is ideology.  Progressives were never able to grasp the difference. The advancement of science and liberty both depend on open debate.  For this reason an unholy alliance between government and the denisons of the digital universe was greatly feared by many of us.  Breaching the separation between governance and information has ushered in an Orwellian nightmare.  Do not allow the voices of patriots to be silenced.   Funny how the powers that should not be, fear a young lady with a small channel on Telegram more than terrorists or economic collapse.  We are winning; but, not in the way you expect. 

.   Unreasonable expectations lead to frustration and disappointment.  They are not going to physically toss Joe Biden out of the White House.   States will resist decertifying their electors.  The courts have been cowardly. If you think the Maricopa County Board of Supervisers was tough, wait till we come up against the cradle of corruption,  Philadelphia. .  

. Many disgusted people post their  disappointment.  People are tired and frustrated.   I don’t want to hear it. We are posting from the comfort of our houses.  We are not standing up to the world’s greatest superpower, like they did in 1776.  We are not facing a hail of bullets like the “doe boys” landing on Omaha Beach.  We are not facing the otherworldly cold at the Chosin Reservior that caused hands and feet to fall off.  Our enemies fear truth the way men fear bullets.  They have spared no effort to bury the truth.  We can not let them bury the truth, so take a rest, exhale and get back in the battle!  The battle is just getting started.       

. What’s the point. Lies do not age well; but, the truth has no expiration date.    Bit by bit their narrative is coming apart at the seems.  They tried to bury the video from  the January 6 protests; but, a judge ruled against the corrupt DOJ aka stasi.  The looney left said claims of election fraud were “the big lie”.   Canvassing  and  examinations of the ballots yield more questions than answers in addition to the democrats assault on democrasy before the first ballot was cast.  Even the mainstream media could not hide the Afghanistan debacle, they did try. 

. Breaking

…”Hemorrhoids the size of a chicken egg now have a higher approval rating than Joe Biden.”  

. @Catturrd    

. Joe Bidens popularity is dropping at an astonishing rate.   Since  Joe Biden is a front man for some kind of evil cabal, as his popularity drops so does his credibility.   Democrat politicians, trying to save their bottoms are jumping ship.  CNN and MSNBC can’t buy viewers.  Around the world, people Chant “let’s go Brandon” (FJB).  The consequences of the fentanyl coming over the border  and skyrocketing home heating costs haven’t hit yet.  Thanks to Californias excessive regulations, the ships are backed up and we are getting coal with a side of nothing for Christmas.  

   Listen up.   God gave us Dominion over the earth, in other words…grow up.   The powers that should not be, will do nothing.  The cavalry is not going to come in the nick of time.  The only plan was the communists taking over higher learning.  The graduates of these universities now control corporations and Media.  They have been subjected to “soft indoctrination”.  If you called these people Communists, they would look at you funny; but, they have been schooled in that way.  All that’s left is you, a bunch of people posting on Telegram, Gab and Clouthub.  Truth seeps through the cracks in their wall of lies.  The powers that be, desperately cling to their crumbling narrative.  

. People, don’t quit.  Keep up the pressure.  Keep the information flowing.   Our enemies can not stand up to truth.  There is a reason they try so hard to silence us.   Seek the truth.  Post on Gab and Telegram and Clout Hub.  For God sake Vote!   

Fear is the mind killer.   Resistance is not futile!   

We the people must be the Storm. 

.  Social media is alive and well: 

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