. I hear how frustrated people are that there has been no leagle action in the face of evidence of fraud.  Unrealistic expectations disappointed all of us.  Add to that talk of gitmo and hanging made these cockroaches hunker down hard.  It would be nice if these people got the J6 treatment.  They didn’t know what would happen if the level of fraud was exposed.  I was afraid this would happen.  Nine months ago I said nothing would happen untill the liberals came aboard.

.   These vaccine mandates did the trick.  Finally the liberals get it.  The cockroaches have fewer and fewer places to hide.  It was never about the courts or the politicians, it’s about the people.   The people are turning away from our senile Manchurian dictator in droves.   Even the Republicans were caught off guard by the last elections red tsunami. 

.   What have we got?  The southern border, fentanyl and child sex trafficking.   People lost their jobs on the “Keystone Pipeline” and gas prices are skyrocketing, winter hasn’t hit yet.  The withdraw from Afghanistan was a disaster.  Our allies are not pleased.  The supply chain is broken.  Law enforcement has been politicized into some kind of new age East German Stasi, hunting Trump Supporters and concerned parents.  Biden promised to get rid of covid,… and people believed him..  Besides that, he’s a lousy president. 

.  So what about 2022?  By 2022 people, even Trump hating liberals, will most likely have had all they can take of the resident walking catastrophe.  I believe Durhams investigation  will bear more fruit.  The cost of heating our houses will hit people like a freight train.  In 2021 fentanyl was the number one killer.  In 2022 there will be ten times as much fentanyl on the streets.  Evidence of the cruelty of Bidens border policies will reach many people.  A much broader segment of the public will see proof of election shenanigans.  The mainstream media can only cover up so much.  The truth has no expiration date. 

.   Republicans can’t get over confident.  They need to clearly explain. 

1.  What they did in the past.

2. What the results were.

3.  What they plan to do in the future.

4.  Return basic freedoms.

Republicans are lousy at getting their message out. The worst is Trump, great president, lousy communicator.  Trumps record may speak for itself; but, we have to get the word out. 

. Breaking Exclusive: Election Fraud Investigators Blanket Wisconsin with Surprise Subpoenas.    Dec. 31, 2021 

Fear is the mind killer.   Resistance is not futile! 

 We the people must be the Storm. 

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