Stasi State

. In Germany during the “Soviet” era, the police, that were supposed to protect people, were turned into brutal enforcers of communist ideology.  It has been described as one of the most effective and repressive intelligence and secret police agencies ever to have existed.

. Children spied on their parents.  Neighbor spied on neighbor.  Half the population spied on the other half.  You could easily cancel someone by saying something to the stasi.  God forbid you say anything that was not inline with communist dogma, it would not end well.  The Stasi was there to enforce ideology.  That could not happen here, in the USA could it?   

   Democrats claimed that Putins Russia tiped the 2016 election.  Extensive investigations revealed a half hearted attempt by some Russian spammers had little or no effect on the 2016 election.  Nonetheless our intelligence agencies claimed the election had been interfered with by the Russians.  Trump contradicted this claim and Democrats went nuts!  The FBI and CIA were being converted to political organizations.  No longer focused on crime and terrorism, they were being focused on the enemies of the democratic party.    

.   When Trump was trying to warn people about a  disease in Wuhan China, the democrats, including Fancy Nancy, Comrade Kamala and Slow Joe, were trying to impeach President Trump!  The FBI hid exculpatory evidence (Hunter Bidens laptop). That unleashed a chain of events that resulted in half a million deaths and millions of “long haulers”.  

 .    Throughout Trumps presidency US law enforcement agencies, FBI & CIA, were wesponized against him in a way we might expect from Russia, China or the Soviet era East Germany Stasi.       Our government is bounded by a constitution and a bill of rights limiting how far it can go.  The states would not ratify the constitution until the 10 amendments of the “Bill of Rights”  was added.  That pesky Bill of Rights keeps getting in the way of power hungry politicians.  What could be done about it. 

. They need to control the free exchange of ideas, and censor any public forums like Twitter and Facebook.  It would be necessary to control the media and get rid of Fox News.  Finally they need to disarm the people.  The current gun control legislation is more restrictive than any in history.    (HR8)

. How are they going to do that?  Any repressive government needs repressive police.  The democrats need to mold the FBI and the CIA into a new age version of the East Germany Stasi.  This had begun before Trump was sworn in. This is how they did it in Russia, China and Orwells Nineteen Eighty Four . People from the FBI and CIA lied.  They lied repeatedly and they lied to the FISA court.  There were also several “whistle blowers” that lied.  None of these people paid a price for their duplicity.  This was only the beginning.     

. In New York they subpoenaed ten years of tax records.  You might say “so what”.  Trumps tax records are large and complex, they will find something.  This is the classic way of harassing someone. 

 .   Long before January 6, 2021,  democrats and their media minions were demeaning Trump supporters as “a basket of deplorables”.  How they manipulated the events of January 6, 2021 is absolutely Orwellian.  I watched the entire thing.  Irresponsible people called the capital walk through an “armed insurection”.   Seriously….give me a break, even calling it an riot was an exaggeration.  Reality check, there was a couple hundred thousand people there. If they wanted to insurrect, they would have burned the capital to the ground.   We also know that there were Antifa instigators; and, there was plenty of anger.   They talk about the violence, looked like most of the violence was directed at Trumps supporters.  There is also a matter of intent.  There were BLM/Antifa riots throughout the summer of 2020, with the intent to hurt people, thousands of people.   The Trump supporters used no more violence than was used against them.  The Trump supporters killed nobody!!!!   They are desperately trying to pin officer Sicknicks death on the Trump supporters.  At first they claimed officer Sicknkck was hit with a fire extinguisher, which was a lie.  They knew it was a lie.   Officer Sicknick died from a stroke and they knew it.  If people did not find out, they would have kept lying forever.  This is all straight out of the communist hand book.  Officer Sicknicks mother said she did not want her sons death used for left wing propaganda; but, they did it anyway!   Now they claim, being sprayed with bear repellent caused his stroke.  The new age totalitarian regime is desperate to somehow blame Sicknicks death on the Trump supporters.  It would be laughable if it wasn’t so sick!         

. It was amazing how little damage was actually done on January 6, 2021.  I watched as people walked through the capital keeping to the marked lane.  Later that night congress sat in chairs that were not torn apart. Insurection?…It barely qualified as a riot!   BLM/Antifa riots killed about 70 cops, injured thousands of people and destroyed hundreds of buildings.   By their own account, democrats were complicit.   The. BLM/Antifa rioters are never punished. Nonetheless, these events are being used to turn the capital into an armed camp and the FBI into the Stasi!  

.     Durham has resigned without doing anything to the people who perverted the FBI into the Stasi. Trump supporters have been labeled terrorists even though all the terrorism came from the left.  The FBI has been completely converted into a political organization focused against Trump supporters.     

. Given the pathological hatred Democrats have for Trump supporters,  is Gina Carano that far off? Be afraid, be very afraid, Orwell was right!   Fancy Nancy is working on legislation to guarantee massive election fraud forever!     (HR1)

. For the dignity of humanity and the future of democrasy the democratic party must be put out of business.  AmazonAppleFacebook, Google and Twitter get lost!

They said Trump was the antichrist.

       They lied!

They said Trump was not legitimate.     

       They lied!

They said there was evidence of Russian collusion.   

          They lied!

They said the Hunter Biden story was Russian disinformation.     

         They lied!

They said Trump could not “fast track” the vaccines.               They lied.

They said Trump incited an “armed insurection”.   

.        They lied!

They said officer Sicknick was hit with a fire extinguisher.

. They lied!

They said QAnon was going to war against the capital.     

           They lied!

They said the election was legitimate.


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We call these people “liberals”; are they? Are proGressives classical liberals? We may agree to disagree with classical liberals; but, these proGressives are something altogether different. ProGressives are not just communists they are stalinists!  Mass censorship has begun as Parler can testify to.  School is for indoctrination, and forget your second amendment rights!  The peoples house, our capital, has become an armed camp because it no longer belongs to the people.  What are they planning that they so fear the people. .     Open discourse can not be tolerated because the proGressive  orthodoxy will not stand up to open discourse.  In their quest for power, liberals made a devils bargain with the proGressives.  

Biden is beginning to realize, no matter how many concessions he makes to the proGressives, it will never be enough.  With 2022 bearing down, Biden needs to import allot of votes from south of the border.  I fear for the future of our republic. 

   Without some classical liberals, conservatives are just howling at the moon.  Fortunately, some classical liberals are beginning to realize what a stupid and dangerous deal they made with stalinists.   

We don’t have to like liberals.  We just have to stop this Orwellian nightmare!   The need for open and free discourse can not be overstated.  Even the FBI says pushing the most extreme people to the darkest corners of the web is counterproductive.  Science without open discourse is propaganda.  Government without open discourse is tyranny. Education without open discourse is indoctrination and public schools have gone all out with that!   So important was the open exchange of ideas that the  authors of our constitution wrote:  

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”       

Gun control, Web Control, Mind Control 

   If they control information, they control your mind!  ProGressives are trying to control every bit of information.  Legacy news long ago went from biased to progressive propagandists.  Conservatives moved to digital media.  By 2020 proGressives launched a full scale attack on truth and the first amendment.  This was not incidental.  By their own account, controlling information and pressuring the media put their “Manchurian Candidate” in the white house!   With a little help from their BLM thugs.  These progressives “protected” the election the same way the Burmese (Myanmar) military did.    

     Math is racist!  In Orwells “doublethink“, two plus two equals five.  Throughout the nation, public schools are starting the brainwashing early.   The “woke” mob is eliminating math in favor of “Black Lives Matter” indoctrination!  Partial payment for their help with the 2020 election. I’m not kidding, it’s nuts:     

As the progressives impose their stalinist governance upon us, they can not tolerate a well armed population or proletariat.  No tyrannical government can.  Our congress is pushing gun laws so restrictive nobody will be able to possess a firearm nor would any business be able to sell them.  A business that sells firearms would be liable should one be misused.   Bills116-hr5717 

Why would the authors of the constitution enshrine the right not only to keep,  but to bear arms. 

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed“.     

First notice that nobody said that you had to be in a militia to keep and Bear arms.  They needed to pass this blue print of governance through 13 independent states!  It’s not the United State of America, it’s the United States of America. This hierarchical governance brings great versatility to our nation, but makes it hard to pass anything. That’s a good thing.  How do you get 13 independent states to agree to anything?  This is the magic of the constitution.  Every word was passionately debated. Every period and comma was given consideration.  The authors of our great nation argued, drank beer and got into fights.    

THE Conventions of a number of the States, having at the time of their adopting the Constitution, expressed a desire, in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added: And as extending the ground of public confi dence in the Government, will best ensure the benefi cent ends of its institution.”    

Their greatest fear was of an overbearing, out of control central government.  Fearing that the separation of power was not sufficient to:  “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,” .  They tried to ensure that: ” people should not fear their government, the government should fear their people”!   It is for this reason, the authors of our nation sought to ensure the right not just to keep arms, but also to bear arms.  If our government restricts arms to those who’s ideology they agree, you will not have any rights!   Some claim that restricting gun rights will make a safer world, that has never worked out.   

The framers saw the proGressives coming 250 years ago.  AOC thinks she is smarter. Progressives wish to rid our nation of the constitution as it is in their way.   Our constitution has never been under such an assault. I hope we last till 2022.  Slow Joe Biden is importing votes as fast as he can.   

  For the dignity of humanity and the future of democrasy the democratic party must be put out of business.  Amazon,  Apple,  Facebook, Google and Twitter get lost!

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Sometimes the biggest lie is the truth untold.  I keep hearing about the vaccines.  Have we all forgotten that we would not have vaccines if Trump wasn’t Trump.  The fact is, whatever he said in public, Trump was ahead of everybody addressing the pandemic!  I just wish people would remember to give him credit.  Should Trump have told people that a terrible disease is coming, or should he have mobilize the people who could do something about this threat?  What about Saint Dr. Fauci, read this. Here is the Washington Post  article  from 2011.  

They say that Marjorie Taylor Greene has bought into some “right wing conspiracy theories”.  Nobody can compare to the progressives for hate, misinformation and conspiracy theories!  When Trump said the FBI was spying on him, before he was elected, CNN pretended Trump was paranoid.  CNN, Facebook and Twitter pushed the Russian collusion hoax for 5 years!  They lied about Trump and pushed a bogus impeachment and called the New York Post article on Hunter Bidens laptop, “Russian disinformation”. These people think they should be the arbiter of truth!  They want to force Fox off the air.  These purveyors of progressive propaganda are trying to eliminate all dissenting voices in favor of their orwellian “Ministry of Truth“.  Marjorie Taylor Greene is not the first person to get caught up in some strange theories.  These progressives (communists) are devoted to a philosophy that was utterly discredited 40 years ago.

Weaponizing the FBI to use against political rivals, like the stasi, is really bad news.  FBI agents “accidently” erased 30 cell phones.  The one FBI guy indicted for lying to the FISA court was rewarded! 

We don’t dare question the results of November, 2020.  It’s a big lie that anything “funny” happened.  It looked funny to me. If nothing funny happened, there should be no problem with an investigation.  Me thinks the democrats do protest too much!  They claimed the courts debunked Trump.  Infact, the courts dodged the issues.  They like to quote Cybersecurity guy, Christopher Krebs, out of context.  Krebs said “this was the most secure election”.  Under oath Krebs elaborated:  He claimed  once the information was in the machine, the information was safe; but, he can not testify to the veracity of the  information, obviously.  A few days later, we found out the biggest breach in the history of hacking took place on his watch! The democrats twisted things out of context to imply there no reasonable questions about peopling of our government.

What the democrats and their media minions did in plane view was more than enough to cause any person of reason to have doubts.

For 5 years we heard how the Russians tipped November, 2016 results toward Trump. Bunk!  On the other hand, in 2020, the major news networks, Facebook and Twitter did every thing they could to tip the results toward Biden.  Any pretence of fairness was discarded. Everything Trump said was labeled misinformation.  Many of these things proved to be true.  Democrats imposed excessive lockdowns to ruin the economy. Fancy Nancy blocked the covid aid.  Fancy Nancy also forced the states to change the rules…illegal and unconstitutional!

Trump incited the riot on January, 6, 2021.  Did he?  Fancy Nancy incited the riot by trying to eviscerate the rules for peopling our government. Nothing Trump said came close to incitement.  On the other hand, Fancy Nancy, Comrade Kamala and Mad Maxine clearly incited violence against the police and the White House!   That’s right, they assaulted the White House.  If anyone incited an insurrection, they did. 

The biggest lie of all is that the democratic party, infested with “progressives”, intends to defend the Republic or the constitution.  Democrats have no respect for the constitution.  The judges they appointed to the Supreme Court have no respect for the constitution. They claim the constitution is a “living document”, meaning that it says whatever they want it to say.  Before we throw out the constitution, we should consider that it worked very good for 250 years.

The government has lied to us for 100 years. It’s no surprise that people have some strange ideas: We got aliens at Roswell, or is it area 51.  There is WMD in Iraq.  Putin and Trump are “in bed” together. Don’t get me started on “climate change”.  The craziest idea I have ever heard is that Slow Joe Biden, the Manchurian Candidate, will cure the covid pandemic.  Perfectly normal people believed this!  They say Marjorie Taylor Greene has some strange ideas.  There is no Q-Anon conspiracy theory that comes close to the “off the wall”  idiocy I’ve heard from Micheal Obama and the democrats!  

For the dignity of humanity and the future of democrasy the democratic party must be put out of business.

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The most disgusting thing, other than  Chris Wallace  licking Bidens boots, is how the media always refers to “alleged” anticonservative bias.  I guess Cathy Griffen holding a bloody Trump head is “alleged” anticonservative bias. It took about 30 seconds to find hundreds of posts inciting violence against Trump and his supporters on Twitter! Nobody has any problem with that. I thought threatening the president was illegal. Biden is an utterly disgusting human being, but, I would not threaten him. 

There is a myth that Donald Trump incited an insurrection. Only an idiot would believe that. What happened on January 6, 2021 was not an insurrection. Some misguided people tried to re-establish democrasy in our nation. They did remarkably little damage considering the anger out there! Our mistrust of the results have nothing to do with what Trump does or does not say.

They say there is incitement and hate on  Parler

Before Trump even won the 2016 race, Obama, Clinton and Biden initiated a totally bogus Russia collusion hoax investigation. This really big lie would take up nearly 3 years of Trumps presidency! During this time Trump built his wall, stood-up to China, brought business back from over-seas and supercharged the economy to levels never seen! 

When Trump was being sworn in, the democrats thugs rioted all over the country. These riots were far more  violent than the one percent of one percent that overran the capital.  They organized on Twitter and Facebook!  Throughout Trumps presidentcy democrats openly incited violent harassment against anyone who supported Trump!  

Twenty minutes after Trump was sworn in the democrats began impeachment proceedings against him.  You can’t make this up!  Meanwhile the media gave-up all pretence of being fair or even reasonable. 

Twenty minutes after Donald Trump was sworn in, he was subject to a fraudulent FBI investigation, impeachment and violence openly incited on Twitter and Facebook.  By this time the media and Nancy Pelosi became completely unhinged!  Apple still carries the Twitter app. Cathy Griffen is still on Twitter!  

In a few months the FBI would lie to the FISA  court to continue there bogus political investigation of Donald Trump!  Representative   Maxine Waters  proudly posted vidio of herself inciting violence against Trump and anyone that supports him!  Twitter had no problem with that.  At one state of the union address, Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the house, made a display of tearing up the speech, like a spoiled child. 

Now with the economy reaching unprecedented hights.  With the middle class finally catching a break and blacks doing better than ever, congress impeaches Donald Trump.  Many people told me they voted for Biden because Trump knew about the Wuhan Flu and did nothing!  What bull! When we should have been laser focused on a mysterious disease in Wuhan China, comrade Kamala and the democrats were trying to impeach Trump!  The Chinese and the WHO  said covid was not contagious! Nonetheless Trump stomped up and down the White House demanding to know why it takes 5 years to develope and market a vaccine.  Trump did not trust China or the WHO, thank God.  

It was Dr. Fauci that said, “masks don’t help”.  The reason he said that is because Biden depleted the reserves of medical equipment, and sent all our manufacturing to China!  Trump pivoted to the free enterprise system, with remarkable success.  Donald Trump had pressers almost every day with a rabidly anty Trump press.  These so called “journslists” were bent on blaming Trump for the pandemic.  What was Trump supposed to do, dump billions on the pharmaceutical companies, eliminate the risk incurred by developing drugs and plow through excessive bureaucracy to get vaccines to market 5 times faster than ever?  Oh, that’s right, he did that!  Dr. Fauci told us not to wear masks, he gave us a test that did not work and a shutdown that did more harm than good.  Was Dr. Fauci right about anything?  Some of these measures might have done some good had they been implemented earlier, but, the democrats were hell bent to impeach Trump. OMG!  People voted for the people who caused the problems in the first place.  You can’t make this up. 

The very people who gave us a 3 year long bOgus FBI investigation and constantly lied about Trump have the nerve to talk about “missinformation” and “right wing conspiracy theories”! They talk about how badly Trump handled the plague when they were pushing a bOgus impeachment at the time when we might have been more effective against the plague. This is what Biden ran on.

Throughout the summer Fancy Nancy Pelosi, Comrade Kamala and the rest of the democrats openly incited violence often directed at the police.  Antifa/BLM were far more violent than the people who invaded  the  people’s house on January 6.

The two week shutdown turned into a two month shutdown. Some Democrat goveners continued longer to destroy the economy in order to beat Trump. It gets worse, Fancy Nancy Pelosi blocked the aid package to make people miserable so they would vote against Trump! That’s how sick these power hungry parasites are.

Trump tweeted that we have to stop these Lockdowns before they do more harm than good. Labeled “missinformation”, later proved to be correct. Trump tweeted the kids need to get back to school. Labeled “missinformation”, later proved correct.  Trump promoted something called “Hydroxychloroquine”.  Several highly qualified doctors felt that “Hydroxychloroquine” helped.  Studies were mixed, but, then there was nothing else and the down side was low (not nill). Just because Donald Trump recommended this people turned against it.  We have better drugs now thanks to Trumps “Warp Spead” project.  Hydroxichloroquine has anti-inflamitory and anti-viral properties.

Cities burned while democrats cheered. Businesses dropped like flies.   The FDA, in an unprecedented and purely political move made certain that the Trump vaccines would not come out till after Nov. 3. Some people think this was done with a wink and a nod from the pharmaceutical companies angered over Trumps attempt to reduce prices of drugs.  The democrats sued states to force them to change the rules to favor Biden in an utterly unconstitutional way. This is black and white with no room for interpretation.

The media, legacy and digital, jumped at every chance to take a jab at Trump.  They claim they censored Trump because of missinformation or incitement. That does not explane why they censored the New York Posts article on Hunter Bidens laptop!  Most of the missinformation and violence came from the left!

After Nov.. 3, the Chinese celebrated having their “Manchurian Candidate”!  They publicly declared “our friends are back in power”.  The anger was bubbling  over. Even if you disregard  all the weirdness and everything Trump and Giuliani said you are still stuck with: The states changed the rules, unconstitutionaly, to favor Biden. The media lied, censored and covered for Biden.

In most cases, the courts did not rule on the merits.  The courts took any excuse to dodge these issues.  Some of them openly said that they were not going to overturn the results.  When the Supreme Court dodged its responsibility, that was the last straw.  At this point the anger was off the scale!!! 

Trump did not incite anything!  The disgraceful behavior of Fancy Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and the democrats over the entirety of Trumps presidency incited the riot.  The shameless behavior of the media incited the riot. The cowardly behavior of the Supreme Court incited the riot. Most of all, the evisceration of the rules protecting the peopling of our government, incited the riot!  Fancy Nancy is still trying to eviscerate the rules.  Don’t you people get it?

The democrats claim the Jan. 6 riot (if you can even call it that) was a threat to democrasy.  It’s the democrats that want to censor any opinion that differs from their dogma. It’s the democrats that turn people into “un-persons”.  Democrats disregard the constitution, and have for years!  They openly discuss re-education camps and having a  “Ministry of Truth”. Democrats want to make Washington D.C. a state to get 2 Democrat senators.  They intend to “stuff” the Supreme court, Chuck Shumer threatened the Supreme court.  Now they want to turn our law enforcement agencies into the  Stasi.  Who is threatening democrasy?  

You’re tired when you get home.  The last thing you want is facts, but, facts matter.  Democracy is under attack, and, not from “White Supremacists”.

The FDA drug its feet accepting the new Trump vaccines. They were afraid Trump might succeed in one of his court cases. In the end, Trump and Pences “Warp Speed” initiative succeeded. The states however had some trouble distributing the vaccines. The states claimed the CDC was late with guidance.  That’s Faucis department. I guess Fauci was worried about “vaccine hesitancy”, instead of being worried about the 260,000,000 people who are going to knock down the door for the vaccines.  That man is not bright.

Dr. Fauci is more interested in politics than medicine.  Gov. Cuomo said we need to open New York while there is something left to open. The man is a genius.  Twitter remains a haven for hate, violence and kiddy porn, but, both Apple and Google still carry their app.  Biden, who ran on his ability to handle the pandemic, admits there is nothing he can do about it, after all, he’s not Trump!  Bidens history with pandemics is dismal.  He has reconnected with the same WHO that told us Covid was not contagious.  The very characteristics people found so annoying about Trump are why we now have vaccines (plural) and therapeutics!

For Bidens babbling  buffoons at CNN.

This is an apple.  Some far right wing extremists might try to tell you that this is a banana.  Don’t you believe it, this is an apple.  If you insist on calling it a banana, you might need a rest in one of our pleasant re-education camps. Welcome to “Oceania”.          

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Never before has our republic been in such jeopardy.  If censorship is tolerated, democrasy is an illusion. For the dignity of humanity and the future of democrasy, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Twitter and the Democratic Party must be put out of business!  Better social networks:  Gab   Parler  YAHOO The better search engine!  Facebook for adults My Space      My View


And so it begins. They will knock FOX NEWS off the air!  If you don’t like Fox News, how long before CNN has to pass everything by the political officer?  Not long! Who decides what is miss – information?

Based on reality checks, it seems to me that 95% of the misinformation and 99% of the violence comes from the left!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, AOC, U.S. Representative from New York, is already lobbying for her Orwellian Ministry of Truth.  If you have a ministry of truth, what do you do with the people they arrest?  You need re-education camps!  AOC is doubling down on them too!  My God what are we coming to? Does nobody see the danger?  All of this is straight out of Orwells 1984, read it.

Whether or not comes back people need to resist this large scale indoctrination.  We have become so dependant on these web monopolies, myself included.  Personally Amazon was a life saver during the pandemic.  For the sake of democrasy and the future of mankind we need to put Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Twitter out of business.

A better search engine:

Facebook for grownups!

Remember, we would not have vaccines if Clinton or Biden had been president.


Does it matter whether Gab or parler is better?  Does it matter whether there are natzis or even liberals?  Whether you are liberal or conservative, Republican or Democrat,   you should be  scared to death! For the love of God look at what is happening!  I have never been so fearful about the future of the Republic. They have turned the president  of the United States into an  “Un-person”.  They have destroyed Parler.  Now AOC  is creating her. ministry  of truth! This  is the Orwellian nightmare!  Stop it!

I used Amazon and Google but if possible people should consider not using them. It’s hard, my e-mail has been spamed so I use g-mail. Yahoo is a much better search engine! I thought My Space was better than Facebook, they let you have a blog like WordPress!

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