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. The singular thread throughout all of my posts was complicit and unaccountable media: CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, The Washington Post,  The New York Times, Facebook, Twitter and Google.  What happened?  What is wrong with these people?  The news was always left leaning; but, recently they have been deranged.  Trump derangement syndrome they call it.  The mainstream media has been so obsessed with destroying Donald J. Trump they could not think straight.  Along with Daszak, Collins, Fauci and the CCCP, the mainstream media is utterly complicit in the deaths of over 4 million people!

. The first impeachment started with a phone call to the Ukraine about Hunter Biden, Joe Bidens son.  There was nothing questionable about the call.  The thing is, why weren’t questions asked earlier.   It seems Hunter Biden went to China a basket case, and came back a millionaire,…hmmmmmm.

 .    What skills Hunter Biden brought to the table to be worth millions is a mystery.  This mystery did not entirely escape the Stasi (FBI / DOJ).  Nonetheless as political institutions they hid the facts even while Donald Trump was being impeached.

 .   The media was obsessed with destroying Donald Trump.   This impeachment was a dream come true for the media.  Meanwhile the only person paying any attention to a mysterious illness in Wuhan China was Donald Trump.  As far as the media was concerned the Wuhan Flu was a distraction.  The real issue here is that Donald Trump dared to look into the Biden crime family.  The Chinese Communist Party claimed the Wuhan Flu was not contagious.  The World Health Organization claimed the Wuhan Flu was not contagious.  Dr. Fauci said the Wuhan Flu was not contagious.  Donald J. Trump knew better, he did not trust the Chinese Comunist Party.  Trump tried to warn people.  Donald Trump and Mike Pence gathered the captains of pharma, fought off the FDA and executed the most remarkable program in the history of medicine, “Project Warp Speed”!  A television show from 40 years ago, Quincy ME, promoted the idea that under special circumstances, government should clear excessive bureaucracy to get a medicine to market sooner.  Trump knew this from construction being bogged down with bureaucracy. 

.   The media claimed Trump mishandled the pandemic even though history has shown Trump handled it better than anyone.   The media claimed Trump knew about the plague and did nothing  even though Trump engaged the greatest peacetime mobilization in history.   What were the democrats and their media minions doing?  They were totally focused on impeaching Donald Trump.   They ignored the Wuhan Flu and then accused Trump of not handling it, unbelievable.  Anyone who wondered if this disease could have come from the Wuhan lab was labeled a conspiracy nut and deplatformed!  And the media accused Trump of lying!  The incredible thing is how they implied Donald Trump was somehow responsible for the pandemic, does he look like a biologist?  Everyone sees the accusation, nobody sees the retraction!   These so called “journslists” believed their own bull!  It’s called an echo chamber. 

.   The media has been ultra liberal for a long time.  I suppose their claims of racism and white supremacy came from a riot in Charlottesville, Va. Some people did not want a confederate statue destroyed.  Just because someone does not want a confederate statue destroyed does not make him a white supremacist though I’m sure there were some.  The counter-protesters included BLM and Antifa, two violent marxist groups looking for trouble.   Anyway Trump is constantly misquoted.  When our irresponsible media people can not win an argument on the merits,  they label the other side “White Supremacists”. That claim has lost all meaning, like the boy who cried wolf.  As far as removing the statue, that’s straight out of the Orwellian / Marxist play book.  Change the language, rewrite history and remove the statuary so no-one asks uncomfortable questions.  Indoctrination works better if you remove cultural and historical points of reference. 

. The left-wing media minions had a complete meltdown when Donald Trump said his inaugural crowd was bigger than Obama. You have to remember estimate of the size of crowds during inauguration were made by Obama obsessed reporters.  Judging from the pictures I’ve seen, it looked like the crowds were similar in size. From that point forward, according to the media, Donald Trump was a lier. 

 .   The reason the media thought Trump was a lier is because the media claimed that Trump was a lier.  This was an echo chamber with circular logic fed by a deranged media.  It was very much like uncontrolled feedback in an electric circuit.  The feedback amplified itself getting stronger and stronger until Donald Trump told 20,000 lies and caused the hurricanes, wildfires and of course the plague!  People, this is crazy talk; but, the media totally got away with it.

. What’s next?  We got the Russian Collusion hoax, the Covington Hoax,  the Russian Bounty hoax and the impeachment hoax which happened when we should have been looking at Wuhan China. They claimed that Hunter Bidens laptop was “Russian Dis66,194information” that turned out to be American disinformation.  Don’t you dare suggest the pandemic could have come from the Wuhan Institute of Virology,  they will deplatform you!  There was a manufactured dust-up surrounding clearing Lafayette Square. What about Hydroxychloroquine?  You’ve heard Hydroxychloroquine was for Malairia; but what does it actually do?  Hydroxychloroquine reduces inflammation.  It’s the inflammation that kills you (pulmonary edema).   It never ends, infact:   

They said Trump was not being Spied on by Obama.
.           They lied!
They said Trump was the antichrist.
  .        They lied!
They said Trump was not legitimate.    
 .          They lied!
They said Trump and his followers were racist.
.           They lied!
They said the Russians were putting bounties on our soldiers..     
.        They lied!
They said there was evidence of Russian collusion.   
.          They lied!
They said Nick Sandmann (MAGA) flashed a white supremacy sign to Nathan Phillips. (Covington hoax)
.            They lied.
They said the Wuhan Flu was just a distraction from Trumps Impeachment.
.             They lied!
They said BLM & Antifa were “peaceful protesters”.
.              They lied!
They said the Hunter Biden story was Russian disinformation.     
.            They lied!
They said Trump could not “fast track” the vaccines.    
.           They lied!
They said the Wuhan Flu could not have come from the Wuhan lab. 
.             They lied.
They said Trump cleared out Lafayette Square for a photo.
.                They lied
They said Hydroxychloroquine was dangerous and ineffective.
.           They lied.
They said Trump made unethical calls to Georgia election officials.
.         They lied!
They said Trump incited an “armed insurection”.   
.         They lied!
They said officer Sicknick was hit with a fire extinguisher.
.         They lied!
They said QAnon was going to war against the capital.  
.          They lied!
They said the election was legitimate.

.       Does anyone see a pattern here?

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