. Whenever the news references Donald Trumps claims of voter fraud, they seem compelled to preface it with unsubstantiated or false.   People do not talk like that, …unless they are hiding something.   If someone tries to take a look “they” squeal like stuck pigs.  Who “they” are, who’s pulling the strings, I don’t know.  

.    In Orwells Nineteen Eighty-four, people wiped from history were called “unpersons“.  They tried to turn Donald Trump and anyone who worked with him into unpersons.  Some have even lost jobs.  Many of the peaceful protesters from January 6, 2021 are still in jail, being physically abused.  Their only crime that they put the fear of the lord into some unaccountable politicians.  Trump supporters have been declared public enemy 1, while there is a stalinist purge in the Military.  Our capital, the peoples house, is fenced and guarded like some petty dictatorship.  What are they afraid of,…the truth,…the people?

.    In the Georgia Audit, they aren’t allowed to look at the actual Ballots.  How can it be an Audit if they can’t look at the ballots?  If the election is honest, what’s the problem? 

.    Of all the things that make you wonder if maybe Trump was right, the most telling and incomprehensible is Arizona.  Before delving into the most convoluted battle for truth I’ve ever heard of, let me say two things:

1. Fraud or not, a thorough examination of American elections is long overdue.

2. If these elections are clean, then, why would there be a problem with audits?

.    Say what you will about the Constitution of these United States, nobody has come up with a better idea in almost 250 years!  Our constitution gives control of elections to the state legislatures.  You would think there would be no problem when the Arizona state legislature politely asked to take a look at the election in Maricopa County.  Maricopa County (Board of Supervisors) said no.   The legislature said the Trumpsters are demanding an Audit.  Maricopa County said no.  The legislature said come-on man, we just want to take a look. 

.    Things started getting a little contentious between the Arizona legislature and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.   The legislature presented  a subpoena to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.   Can you guess what the reply from Maricopa County was?    Maricopa County said no to the subpoena.    What would happen to me if I said no to a subpoena?    This is getting nuts!   From this point on there are more twists than a cork screw.   Maricopa County  BoS challenged the subpoena and lost.  They were caught shredding and burning Ballots, I don’t know what that was about.

.     The Arizona legislature began to turn up the heat.  The Maricopa County BoS insisted  that the ballots can not be audited where they are, in the Tabulation Center. Why not,…because!  This isn’t moving furniture, there are security and chain of custody issues.  Maricopa County BoS (Board of Supervisors) brought in the big guns.   They bring in Marc Elias’s firm Perkins Coie and a totally bogus nonpartisan nonprofit ultra left wing  Protect Democracy Project. Some people think they should sue that bogus left wing organization

.    Three law firms and almost a hundred lawyers sued the Arizona State Legislature, and they lost!  Our constitution gives control of elections to the state legislatures.  Lawsuits and nonsense have limited the audit and cost months.  Extraordinary resistance against an Audit that would surely silence the Trumpsters,…or not. 

.     The democrats media minions attack the proposed audit relentlessly while Google tries to prevent the audit from gathering volunteers.   Meanwhile the ultra left wing nonpartisan Protect Democracy Project  manages to engage Joe Bidens corrupt DOJ  in their war against the Maricopa County  audit!  I don’t think that’s constitutional.  What are they afraid of, more to the point, who are “they“. 

.     The Maricopa County BoS refused to turn over the routers.  Why would the Auditors want to see the routers?  They wanted to see what connections were made during the election.   It is known that some systems were connected to the web during the election.   Your Home router does not keep a log; but, some commercial routers do.  No router keeps information on anything but the connections it made.  The router routs information.   The modems in some Dominion machines work like your cell phone.  Those modems would not show up on the router logs.  That would make the Dominion Machines vulnerable to cell phones!

.    The auditors needed the administrative password to some of the machines.  The Maricopa County BoS said no.   Arizonas legislature was not in the mood.  They should be starting summer vacation.  It turns out that Maricopa County never had the passwords!  Not only did they use Dominion Voting machines; but, Dominion ran their election.  You can’t make this up, their election was run by people that swor not ever to let Donald Trump win an election!  OMG!

.    You might think it could not get any more crazy,…wrong. the crazy is just getting started.   Our courageous auditors tried to find the database referenced by the other machines.  That database was deleted, furthermore, it was deleted after it was subpoenaed.  That’s illegal.  Dominion says the Maricopa County BoS deleted the database.  Maricopa County BoS said Dominion did it.  We think of “who are they” as an almost rhetorical question; but, what happens to chain of custody?    Both Zuckerbucks and Soros were involved in something that goes far beyond a legitimate interest in democracy. Forensic analysis firm CyFIR’s think they can reconstitute the data base.   I think that is irrelevant, the fact that the database was deleted is all you have to know.   BTW, I mentioned the shredded ballots, seems the boxes are missing some ballots!

.   For three years the democrats and their stasi (DOJ & FBI) investigated Donald Trump claiming a rigged election without a shred of evidence.   You don’t dare question the 2020 election in spite of more irregularities than you can shake a stick at.  That is 100% bogus, if the election is legitimate nobody should have a problem with an Audit.  The Republicans have been so intimidated they will not speak up; but, seventy million people are speaking up. 

. “Democrats and the media have created an environment where no one is allowed to suggest that the 2020 election was illegitimate in any way. People have been suspended or even expelled from social media for saying it.”  

.    We have been warned about the dangers of machines and mail-in Ballots as far back as 2006.

. Put it together, not hard: – Hillary Clinton and other “top” D’s tell Biden under no circumstances concede.

– Mainstream Media at 11:00pm EST on Election night goes into blackout mode.

– TRUMP IS CRUSHING THE ENTIRE NIGHT until media is activated.

– The election machines begin tabulating votes for Biden.

– Machines cannot handle the vote count that Trump received. Media has their “uh oh” moment.

– Media has to play dumb for a week to every single American even though 80% know Trump has won.

– 3 days later they announce Biden elected after they had enough time to tabulate and CHANGE votes.

– Trump never concedes knowing he is the true elected President. (Still to this day has never conceded.)

– Deep State judges activated nationwide as they had been the previous 4 years denying Trump in court every chance.

– Supreme Court Chief Roberts staffer comes out and admits Roberts screaming “would never allow case to be heard”. Trump never had a chance in the court system.

– Jan 6 is set and staged to weaken Trumps position with election outcome even more. Patriots don’t take the bait but Antifa leaves trail.

– Fast forward to now, Maricopa county is underway.

– DATA in the machines have been deleted and evidence destroyed (FELONIES).

– Evidence is able to be recovered and Maricopa can change the fate of the history.

– Hillary firm and lawyers involved in the Maricopa standoff, same team who told Biden to never concede.

– Democrats spent 2.5 years investigating the 2016 election but don’t want to glance at the 2020 election.

– The 2020 election was robbed.

– President Trump will be back soon.

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