Election 2020

. What can we say about the disputed election of 2020?  Never mind the fact that in a Georgia vote counting place the partisan observers were kicked out at 10:30 PM because a pipe broke at 8:00 AM that was actually a toilet that overflowed and was taken care of before the whole Circus started.  If you can follow that logic your smarter than me.  After they kicked out the partisan observers, a small group of people continued to count ballots,…which is totally illegal. Nothing to see here people. If you even question the 2020 election you are a white supremacist, nazi, conspiracy theorist, insurrectionist spreading disinformation. We would not dare suggest that there was anything wrong with the mechanics of the 2020-election; but, there was plenty wrong before the first ballot was cast.  

. The world is full of pretend democracies, one party systems that censor and manipulate information.  Voting alone does not make a democracy and brainwashing is voter fraud.  Throughout Donald Trumps tenure the so called “news” media pushed all anti Trump stories and silenced anything that contradicted their narrative.  I know people work and they can’t watch news all day; but I can.  In the beginning of the pandemic, President Donald Trump was out speaking to the people every day with vicious and dishonest  news people at his throat.  These so called “reporters” tried to blame Trump for the virus as if he was doing genetic experiments in the White House basement.  Trump recognized the danger before anyone and began his project “Warp Speed”.  Brainwashed people were lead to believe he knew about the “Wuhan flu” and did nothing, when Trump was doing more than anybody.  Trump was getting tired and haggard. One day he was talking about cleaning products to kill the virus, and he said wouldn’t it be nice if we could get something like that to kill the virus in us.  Boy the news had a ball with that.  The funny thing is before we had antibiotics we used “sulfa drugs” which act like internal Lysol.  The point being that you had to pay attention to know how dishonest the media was.

. Not only did the main stream media lie and demean President Trump, these media minions tried to squash the New York Posts article on Hunter Biden.  Some people in the FBI seem to think Hunter Biden may be “laundering” money to his father (the big guy).  Polls revealed that knowing this alone would have changed the outcome of the 2020 election. Joe Biden isn’t smart; but, he knows how to bury a money trail.   

. The other thing is that the democrats sued and pressured several swing states to illegally change the rules.  Let me say this again, blatantly illegal changes to the voting rules! The Constitution gives control of elections to the state Legislature, not the federal government, nor the secretary of state, nor the judiciary.  This is black and white with no shades of grey.  Normally for people that regularly use mail in Ballots there is between a 3% to 5% rejection rate.  In the 2020 election people who never used a mail in Ballot had a .3% rejection rate.  That was enough to change the 2020 election.

. Literally before the first ballot was cast, the bolsheviks (democrats) had declared war against the foundation of our nation, to win an election they could not win honestly.  The actions of the bolsheviks and their media minions are not in dispute.  Legacy media lied, digital media “froze” the account of the New York Post and swing states bypassed state Legislatures.   I’d never finish if I tried to go into detail; but, Project Veritas got a good insight to CNN.   Hours after they exposed CNN,  Twitter banned Project Veritas and Wikipedia published a dishonest smear against them.  Facebook censored a recent New York Post article about the BLM founder, dejavu all over again!  Even after the media has brainwashed people into putting the Manchurian Candidate in the White House, they just can’t stop propagandizing, censoring, lying.

While I would never question the legitimacy of the 2020 election, others have.  Mail-in ballots historical have only been a small part of the vote.  In 2020 mail-in ballots were a significant part of the vote.  President Carter, and every civilized nation on the planet said these  mail in Ballots are an open invitation to massive fraud.   Some people claim that that voter fraud is historically only a small percentage of votes, but:
1. I don’t know if I really believe that, nobody really knows.
2. There was much more mail-in voting than normal.
3. Most of these swing states were won by less than 1%.
A third of democrats don’t trust the results of the 2020 election! 

Naturally there were dozens of court cases.   The democrats implied these cases were thrown out on merit, which is very dishonest even for democrats.  Infact courts grabbed any excuse to dodge the election issues.  I think the courts were afraid of splitting the country in two, which is exactly what their inaction did.  The Supreme Court declined taking the election case on “standing”.  Anti Trumpsters like to say that his law suits did not mention fraud when they were mostly for discovery!

“In civil court, judges have shifted the evidentiary goalposts, indicating that they expect vast and overwhelming amounts of evidence on the front end to allow the Trump lawsuits to proceed. Yet, these courts have blocked Trump lawsuits from moving to the civil discovery phase where Trump lawyers could use powerful tools like subpoenas and depositions to uncover further evidence of fruad. ”  Electionwiz.com 

. Many members of both the House (of representatives) and the Senate expressed their reservations, for the record as did some state legislatures. 

.     The democrats were equally as dishonest quoting Christopher Krebs, Cybersecurity, out of context.  Krebs said “this was the most secure election ever”.  Think, there is no way Krebs can vouch for the veracity of the information put into the voting machines.  During Congressional testimony,  Krebs explained that he meant the machines were secure and he could not  vouch for the veracity of the information. Two days after Krebs testified before congress, we discovered the largest breach in the history of hacking happened on Krebs watch.  Furthermore, Trump was not the first person to have questions about Dominion Voting machines.

. Though I would never question the results of the 2020 election, other people would,… allot of other people.  Infact a number of State legislatures just wanted to take a look. You would think, if the election was clean, there would be no problem with taking a look-see.   Wrong, both Maricopa County Arizona and Fulton County Georgia have fought a Forensic Audit tooth and nail for months.  Both counties have been caught trying to destroy Ballots, totally illegal.  These people frantically tried every trick in the book to run out the clock.  These crazy people even risked prison to prevent an audit that would have verified the 2020 election. What are they afraid of?   Why is Google running interference for Maricopa County?

. In Michigan, Secretary Of State Jocelyn Benson, made changes to the voting rules deemed illegal because she did not go through the state legislature like the constitution says. She also tried to cover up an Audit of those Dominion Voting machines, you know, the ones that Elizabeth Warren did not like.  There is a matter of “adjudication”.  We were told that the rejection rate was .3%.  Infact these Dominion machines rejected 68% of the ballots!  One number is to small the other is way too high and neither make any sense at all.  What happens to the rejected ballots, “adjudication”.  What are the protocols for “adjudication”.  There are no protocols or paper trail for “adjudication”!  There is no way of knowing why the original ballot was flagged, who handled it, who adjudicated it or what changes were made.  That’s in addition to the 6,000 votes we know we’re switched from Trump to Biden or the 66,000 unregistered ballots that came out of nowhere.  There is also modem hardware on the motherboards of the Dominion Machines, no way to isolate them. It was recommended that Michigan never use Dominion Machines.

. Michigan is not the only place that has an issue with Dominion Machines.  Don’t blame this on Trumplicans, NewHampshire wasn’t even on the radar.  The people of NewHampshire wanted to take a look-see, and, they did not like what they saw.  Paper and digital did not match.  There was a consistent inconsistency.  If you think that is a contradiction in terms, you’re right.  I understand you can’t count 150,000,000 votes without errors.  The thing is, why do all the errors favor the democrats?

. Not only has Michigan, Secretary Of State Jocelyn Benson, tried to bury the forensic audit of Dominion machines; but, she ignored a subpoena.  Do you think I could ignore a subpoena?   Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has actively tried to prevent a physical examination of the ballots.  If the Digital record is correct then even if some ballots are damaged there is no problem.  If the digital and paper don’t match then wouldn’t the secretary of state want to know?  There are over 300,000 ballots with no chain-of-custody documentation.  There are ballots that were counted after observers had been chased away; but  the worst is Maricopa County Arizona.  The legislature gets a subpoena, Maricopa County ignores the subpoena.  The legislature gets a stronger subpoena, Maricopa County ignores that.  The legislature threatens prison.  In comes Clinton’s legal minions and a 100% bogus political organization.  Finally Maricopa County backs down; but, they claim the subpoena does not say where to examine the ballots.  The ballots can not be examined where they are.  Obviously the Ballots must be examined where they aren’t! Why,…I don’t know.  Are there chain-of-custody issues,…yes!   This has been going on for months.  I have a headache.  Ahhhh!  Why can’t we look at the ballots?  On the eve of the awaited Audit, Maricopa  County files yet another law suit to prevent the audit!

. It doesn’t stop here.  There has been a big dust-up about Georgia’s rule prohibiting partisan people from handing out food and water to people in line.  In the first place, the law demands if there are long lines, the issue must be rectified before the next election. True nonpartisans can provide refreshments.  Most nonpartisan organizations turn out to be far-left democrats, like the one in Maricopa County Arizona trying to stop the audit.  Infact, in Nevada, one of these organizations bragged about bribing indigenous people on social media!  The nonpartisan people were wearing Biden Harris hats.

. Talking about partisan nonpartisans and digital demigods interfering with an election, take a look at Wisconsin.  At the heart of the Wisconsin election, they found something frightening, a Zuckerberg!  Infact city clerk of Green Bay, Kris Teske, was so disturbed by pressure from outside far left groups on the machinations of the election, she took a leave of absence.  Teske eventually resigned.  Wisconsin was not the only place they found a Zuckerberg engaged in activities that destroy confidence in our elections.  The democrats call Donald Trumps claims “unfounded”; but, when anyone wants to take a closer look they squeal like a stuck pig!

. We all know this was the most secure election in history.  You would think that the people responsible for the 2020 election would be anxious to prove the veracity of the results and quell the doubters.  People have fought any investigation beyond a cursory counting of ballots which may or may not be legitimate.  Fighting these investigations does not build confidence.  On the other hand, in straigh shooting western fashion Montana just came out and said there were “Whopping Irregularities“.

. Now we are left with Pennsylvania.  Changes made to the Pennsylvania Election were some of the most blatantly unconstitutional in 2020.  Trump went to the Supreme Court before the election, he had no standing because it was before the election.   When Trump went to the Supreme Court after the election, he had no standing because it was after the election.   When several states took this case to the Supreme Court, the case was rejected over the bitter dissent of 3 Justices.   Finally when the Pennsylvania GOP took the case before the Supreme Court, it was rejected because any one issue was not enough to turn the election.  The courts demanded some overarching grand plan when historically most fraud is committed by groups of people who’ve sacrificed their integrity to their ideology.  Pennsylvania did eliminate 21,000 dead people from their voter roles. Dead people have been an important constituentcy for the democrats; but, I could not figure out what their issues were.

. I’m certain there are good explanations for all of the irregularities.   I would like to hear some of these explanations,…cause I could use a good laugh.   The way democrats and some Republicans fought against any Audit tells us more than the audit! 

They said Trump was the antichrist.
  .        They lied!
They said Trump was not legitimate.    
 .          They lied!
They said Trump and his followers were racist.
.           They lied!

They said the Russians were putting bounties on our soldiers..     

. They lied!
They said there was evidence of Russian collusion.   
.          They lied!
They said the Hunter Biden story was Russian disinformation.     
.         They lied!
They said Trump could not “fast track” the vaccines.    
.         They lied!
They said Trump made unethical calls to Georgia election officials.
.         They lied!
They said Trump incited an “armed insurection”.   
.         They lied!
They said officer Sicknick was hit with a fire extinguisher.
.         They lied!
They said QAnon was going to war against the capital.  
.          They lied!
They said the election was legitimate.
.         Does anyone see a pattern here?


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. This page is not even the tip of the iceberg, that’s 10%.  The 2020 election keeps getting curiouser and curiouser. I can’t keep up with all the news.  Let us take time to pay homage to a patriot who served 18 years in the airforce only to be murdered by the nation she served!  

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